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Anime Discussion Thread


Yeah, the VA for Kirito in SAO abridged is Shirou in the UBW abridged


And Sakura is xbubblemunkyx so it’s like the same people lol


Archer is my favourite, cause he’s trying to be serious, and then everyone around him isn’t


Dosen’t mean it’s not funny like SAO abridged.


As in it’s funny, like SAO is hillarious.


Help I can’t brainhole properly.


Isn’t SAO Abridged literally just DBZ Abridged


No? DBZ Abridged was TFS, SAO Abridged is SWE

I don’t think most of those people overlap


Oh I assumed “X is literally just Y” was about the editing style and shit


Nah I was talking voices lol

I pull up the first episode and immediately hear Kirito and Asuna bickering


I watched the first episode
I was expecting something else so I just dropped, but you make me curious about it
Is just that Trigger made me really pissed with what they did to Darling in the Franxx


DitF went off the fucking rails

SSSS.Gridman is a smooth ride the whole way through

They don’t even go into space

And Trigger fucking loves going into space

Yes please do watch the rest, it may not be one of my favorite things ever but I’ve found it very hard to stop thinking about lol


I will give it a try after I finish Breaking Bad, this fucking series I cannot believe I did not start it before


I’ve heard it’s good but I try to avoid long things nowadays

Got too much going on to sink that much time into something


I watch it while traveling to my job so no problerino
Also is not thaaaaaaaat long, and man it is such a ride you don’t even notice the length


Wait how do you get interneto




bro what


I can’t trust someone who gives Happy Sugar Life a 5 (unless you did it purely because of the ending in which case fair)


surely you saw the cover and knew what you were going into lol