Angleshooting in Forum Games

Warnings are punishments.

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But put “for your information” for it and it’s not a punishment anymore right? :roll_eyes:

Why is it against the rules if no punishments ever get carried out?
It’s just a rule that is worded badly to cover all bases. Which allows abusing.
OGI just words it better.

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warnings are not punishments.

unless your warning is like a 3 strikes your out kinda thing

Punishments, at least in my games, would occur if it is done intentionally and repeatedly after getting a warning for it. This hasn’t happened so far with twilight posting.

I’m orientating myself on this, and with us warnings are punishments. Warns lead to suspensions (or blacklists, in our case)

I’d be a fan of something like
Warn > 1 month blacklist > Perma blacklist

Or something like that.

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i generally keep a strike system unless there’s a large integrity breech which requires a mod kill

In a strike system I’d be killed in my first few matches as newbie :wink:
but yeah, I know what you mean

i’m an unholy mix of fm and org rules h e l p

What the heck is org again… and no, posting the longform doesn’t explain it :eyes:

online reality game, basically what my survivor misc is

A fake gameshow basically is my take on it.

I think the main thing I’m looking for in any hypothetical angleshooting rule is that someone with no previous FM experience could read it and get a basic sense of what they are and aren’t allowed to do.


For my players I went with… tol rules + common sense, mostly. Not even including angleshooting here.

But I’m trying to write it down exactly.

ToL players won’t angleshoot, except of the harmless variants, where you exactly know… yeah it might be angleshooting (like in Teleo’s case), but it’s completely harmless. Most cases of angleshooting are pretty harmless - or outright cheating.

Also, maybe I have to mention that “mod weaponization” is explicitely allowed in my games.

PKR had a great idea where he thought Geyde might use ‘weaponizing the mod is extremely punishable’ as the meaning literally when he… confiscated my AR after unloading it on Magnus that he’d punish me severely for weaponizing him. Someone needs to include that in a bastard game.

I don’t see the problem with “mod weaponiation”.
Like, if you see someone breaking the rules and help themselves with it(especially someone of an opposite alignment), why not point it out?


(btw yes, as long as you do it in your classcard, and not in the thread… I’d rather not have it in the thread, but it still would be not against any rule)