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An Announcement from orangeandblack5


imprisoned him like a french girl

i did nothing to him


Did you make him feel good ?


dont clog this thread up.

i dont want it ruined

cookie thread


Too late both of us are already here


Contracts Ian we love you


Don’t worry

Barring any surprise performances, no Australian team is a favorite to win anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


You can’t lose


Mr Orange.

It’s been an honor.

No but seriously, I will miss you friend.


I’ll still be here if you need me for anything that isn’t FM :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey, been a bit of a while since I posted here while recovering from mental difficulties. Hopefully sooner than rather I’ll join in FoL again, but will be a shame not being able to play with you for a good while.

Best of luck anyway Orange. I’ve always kinda been interested in what you do with your Uni, and this really sounds like fun!


Why thank you kind wolf :wink:


Glad you’re taking care of yourself!
Mental health is important!


Uni really put so much pressure on me, and an event caused me to break down, hence me hadding to leave for a good while to recover.


Good luck to both of you Wolfy and Orange.


Wow that seems super exciting Orange! Best of luck in the competition!
I’ll miss you for mafia stuff, but this seems much more important and interesting than an internet yelling game haha.


Turns out that, due to Australia’s wonky north/south timezone split, we will run the race on the local time of Darwin, the city in which we start. However, as soon as we cross the finish line, we will convert to using the local time in Adelaide, and so the moment we cross the finish line we lose an hour.



Developing time machines


smh just turn your solar car into a tachyon


honestly you joined this to solve problems
if you didn’t consider that you’d have to advance the farthest frontiers of human knowledge to overcome a minor disadvantage you shouldn’t have taken the challenge :^)