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An Announcement from orangeandblack5


Scottish names so


Bro congrats, thats awesome. Gonna miss playing with you. Keep in touch



who’s the one posting the message

also good luck dude


So robotics leads to this then. This is basically robotics to another level correct?


Very different, but I suppose looking at it like that isn’t incorrect


Is UMICH the only team USA team representing solar cars?


No but the other ones are generally not competing for the top spot in the same way.

Stanford’s team is decent, and MIT has fielded one before as well.

Other than that, most colleges stick to the American Solar Challenge.


Wish you the best luck on your competition, Orange :stuck_out_tongue:


good luck


Anyway now seriously
Good luck
You will also drive a solar car


Good luck orange


Good luck Orange!


USA! USA! Go orange man, we understand


You already lit up the site with your amazing sunshine spirit. Go spread it to Australia. I will be rooting for you!


@orangeandblack5 when you arrive to australia.
youll enjoy it in pretty sure.

well time to cheer against my country.
its an honor for your country orange. remember that.


its great to see moments like this where the entire community comes together to cheer someone on.


A good moment to post a pic of nagito right?



not here at least


What did you do to pug ?


the presidential election has won.
i can do that at any time