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An all any mode


it’d be like TOS all any mode but be balanced atleast a tiny bit so there isn’t 1 cult and 15 BD or 3 possessors and 2 reapers and 5 princes

Just a random thought I had.


if all any is balanced, it ain’t all any


I thought about that but in TOS the game isn’t enjoyable really if you are 1 mafia vs everyone else
I thought having a tiny bit of balance would make it more fun.


Don’t forget uniqueness is a thing


The most fun I’ve had is winning as Potion Master solo with 1 surv not even know I was in the game, vs 2 maf and another lynched survivor. Rest was town


Just imagine a game where the only evil is psycho king


Just imagine a game where 4 King’s spawn :eyes:


How would Butler poison work :thinking:


all of them die duh


and the butler would commit suicide 4 times

meaning they can’t play for the next 3 games


no, does a person die 2 times from 2 attacks






Only 1 time. The other Kings weren’t BD


In fact. None of them were BD. His death was pure coincidence


That’s something an alch would say



Waaat! I’m not alch. I’m just a physician… see? I cured that guys bleeding, we all know alchs wouldn’t do that. Oh btw no real relation but can you heal me so I can stay on prince longer?




Firekitten The Observer
N4:Window Peek Nuke-Neutral…hmmm seems like a legit physician


how about a hypnotist type NK