Amnesiac [ similar to old Mercenary ]

You spawn as a random Blue Dragon class (Princess, Knight, etc.) except your faction is unknown to you.

You begin the game with a single player marked as your ally; your faction is identical to theirs. And you must find out what they are in order to learn your own win condition.

So very similar to old Mercenary and you take up a Neutral slot.

So you know your abilities… but not your goal?

How would being a Killer BD not be OP for scum?

you can accidentally kill your own allies

How would being a 2nd prince with a dead BD as your target be any good?

I wouldn’t let Amnesiac be Prince!

Also, this is a very swingy role. It can give the BD +2 extra members ~30% of the times it rolls. (1/2 for only 2 neuts * 9/15 BD)

To get the total amount of an extra BD %, consider these possibilities:

Non BD king + 3 neuts
BD king + 3 Neuts
Vice Versa
BD King + 2 Neuts.

NBD+3= (1/2 * 35/100 * 8/15)
BD+3= (1/2 * 65/100 * 9/15)
NBD+2= (1/2 * 35/100 * 9/15)
BD+2= (1/2 * 65/100 * 10/15)

#1 = ~9.333%
#2 = 19.5%
#3 = 10.5%
#4 = ~21.666%

Averaging these 4, we get


On average, the BD get a 10th member ~15% of the time

There’s no way that’s correct, it should definitely be over 50%

Because you’re an extra BD any time your ally is not evil or neutral

In any case, this is one of those “lynch it immediately because evil lol” type classes.

It can claim amne sheriff with confirmed BD as their ally.

Amnesiac is not neutral, it appears NS if BD and suspicious if Unseen/Cult. No Amne would claim Amne

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An amne could just claim that some highly confirmed BD is their target.

Also, how would Amne work if it hit a neutral? Scorned & Merc don’t work.

What’s wrong with amne claiming BD anyone can do that

Amne with Merc and Scorned target would win with anyone

Wouldn’t amne inherit their wincon or no?

I don’t know I like to make basic class concepts and leave the details to imagination

That’s how you emcounter bugs.