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Alternatives to Allies


I have another segustion for assist

Send a guard to assist a player the action is garunteed to happen and the guard will carry it out (makes it so say a player walks into a circle of death the gaurd will go into the circle not the player)


Oh that’s powerful

I think I like that


mine or SCI’s?


both at once


On its own it only helps with CoD and Observer lel

But added in is probably a neat addition


it’s a buffed generic empower




which is really strong


that AND death/conversion immunity would be a bit much


Yep pretty much

Then you do the smart moves

Remove Loyalty

Head of State

Gladiator Finger

sounds fun


Like I think I’d legitimately love that class

If it’s too strong drop an use

4 is a lot anyways


certainly fun but also OP. Also I’m trying to have as few changes as possible to maximize the odds of it actually being implemented


That hasn’t stopped this game before tbh


Like that strategy makes much more sense for ToS suggestions tbh lol


simpler suggestions are more likely to be implemented. I’m not implying that complicated suggestions are NEVER implemented, that would just be demonstrably wrong.





I don’t believe in holding back in a suggestion though

If they want to implement pieces let them

Don’t suggest pieces too


I guess it would be more accurate to say that simpler suggestions are more likely to be implemented SOON


Nah got a math exam gtg bye


I think that counts as a forfeit