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Alternatives to Allies


We all remember a year ago last time allies was a thing. No one wants a repeat of that. At the same time we also don’t want the King to be boring to play. Guards are great and play to his purpose as the one taking charge. Here are some ideas for secondary’s organized by type. If unspecified assume EK gets the ability and also learns if the target is Unseen/Cult

Investigative (3 uses each):

Enemies: Learn if target is Unseen/Cult - Basically the inverse of Allies, avoids the issue of screwing over neuts but is ultimately a bandage solution. By far the easiest to implement in this category.

Royal Follow: Learn who visits target player and who target player vists - Limited use follow. More inclined towards confirming others rather than finding scum. Might be too powerful. Alternatively it could just be a track OR a watch instead of both (as in one of those. Not a JOAT)

Eavesdrop: Learn if target player was in a night chat last night - Basically Enemies that gets a false positive on Prince and Mystic or the mystic target. MM would obviously still give a false negative

Support (4 uses each):

All of these have the potential issue of being a little boring sometimes

Assist+: Give target player death and conversion immunity. Learn if you save them with either effect. EK won’t give conversion immunity and will learn if they were converted that night

Escort: Give target player Occupy and Redirection immunity tonight. You will know if it does something. Might be problematic for overlapping with CW

Fund: Give target player a use of their limited use abilities. Doesn’t work on abilities that started with 1 use. Hard to implement on EK

Blockade: Prevent visits to target player. EK would have SS’s effect. Might be OP

Killer (2 uses each):

Order execute: Kill target player, bypasses night immunity. Announced if they actually die. - We’ve seen this one before. Nothing fundamentally different about it now.

Social (??? Uses each)

Private Contact (4 uses) - Whispers between you and target player are hidden tomorrow - Lets King collect info at Mystic speed potentially, not too much to say for GK but has additional utility for EK with allies.

Message (Unlimited uses) - Send target player a message. Exactly like the one Noble used to have before it became crier. Might be hard to implement on EK

Offensive (4 uses each)

For EK these cancel on an ally

Veto - Occupy target player.

Confiscate - Remove a use of target players ability’s. Doesn’t work on ability’s that started with 1 use

I’ll post more ideas as they come up. Discuss

How is everyone enjoying the new meta?

I had one idea for Curfew, where you prevent everyone except one person from using their abilities (or visiting anyone) that night (although that was part of my day ability idea when I was lobbying to get rid of Finger). I don’t know if it should be announced but I feel like it might have issues similar to the old Fool where uppers got abilities disabled for that night.


EK should just prevent all targets. If it was like this then it would detract from Sellsword’s niche.

I think Blockade + Order Execution would be best on the starting king(And it should have a one-time autovest)


Both would be too strong. And one time autovest is a no no


This also shouldn’t specify if it’s unseen or cult. There are enough things ruining the deduction aspect of the opposing faction


What about Enemies + Blockade then?


Even stronger


Basically. Guards is a good ability (on GK anyway. We can consider autovest for EK)


What this then?

Blockade(Unlimited use)(Same for both EK and GK)- Prevent anyone from targeting target player. You will be told who attempts to visit them


King is inherently powerful. All of these abilities (besides messenger which is really weak to begin with) are limited to counterbalance the fact that they are on King (which makes it both stronger and more swingy)


Would it be fine with 3 uses?




with the watcher effect it’s pushing it but eh


That’s just so it’s not boring




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6 of spades


great. Now put it back in the deck