Alice’s Danganronpa 2: Despairful Panic at the Hopeful Camp- Brainstorming/Criticism

TL;DR - I’ve designed a sequel to my original DR game and I want some feedback on some features.

Feature #1 Misexecutions

If a player is voted as the blackened without committing a murder, they will still be executed regardless. The point here is to make sure that players fight harder against accusations here as in the original game people didn’t really care much about being voted the Blackened, especially the earlier stages. So now in order to raise the stakes of a trial, you will die at the end regardless if you killed or not.

Feature #2 Wincon Revamp and Additional Roles.

Rather than the wincon taking over a passive, players with a different wincon will instead be given it as an Identity Passive. Identity Passives, marked with an (I), are for players who have roles different than normal participants. If you don’t have an Identity Passive, then you’re just a normal participant.

Feature #3 The Future Foundation Agent

At the start of the game, one of the sixteen players will have their role as the Agent of the Future Foundation. They have higher stats than average, have a passive that gives them files regarding the game at the start of each chapter which can help find evils and whatnot, while at the same time having restrictions regarding killing potential. However it is not recommended to claim this role as it will put a bullseye on your back for the Mastermind.

Feature #4 Traitors

At the start of the game, one or two of the sixteen players will have their role as a Traitor. Instead of a normal wincon they will have wincons that are dictated by the Mastermind and work as a means to further their agenda. In addition, the Mastermind knows the Traitors’ identities and may anonymously talk with them. Effectively, the Traitors work as a means for the Mastermind to further their own wincon.

Feature #5 Wildcards

At the start of the game, two or three of the sixteen players will have their role as a Wildcard. Wildcards have significantly stronger actions and may begin with items, however their wincon is two-tiered. First they must accomplish their WC wincon, and then they will be allowed to win as a regular participant. Their WC wincon usually is about causing chaos and discord while at the same time allowing them to win as a surviving participant.

Feature #6 AP/MP Revamp

AP/MP will both be merged into one, and movement will only cost 1 MP regardless of the distance traveled, in addition actions should be submitted in the following format in order to help me keep up with stuff.

/search boxes (42/60)

With the player previously having 43 MP of a maximum of 60.

Feature #7 Mastermind Revamp

The Mastermind still cannot kill, but if they are murdered or executed they do not lose and they can still keep on playing the game from beyond the shadows, imagine a Junko/Mukuro scenario. This is basically done to stop people from trying to end the game early on.

Feature #8 ??? Rooms

I’m adding 16 locked rooms in the map. They are all called “Room #N” with the N being 1 through 16. What are they will be you to find out.

Feature #9 Nerfing Lore

tl;dr - I’m giving less green checks based on lore in order to prevent the MM from being :joy_cat: bOxEdIn :joy_cat:

Feature #10 Ultimate Actions

Each player will have an Ultimate Action, which will be denoted by a (U) in their rolecard. These are very strong actions that can only be used once per game.

Feature #11 Doubled Blackened Cases

There are some characters with the potential to also have a second simultaneous player to become the Blackened with them. For the sake of clarity before the trial begins it will be announced that two Blackeneds need to be found. If the wrong pair is mis-executed, a random player in the two will die. If one of the pair did commit the murder, they will be the execution and the other one will walk free. The only time the mistrial counter doesn’t rise is if both Blackeneds are caught.

Feature #12 Reworked Stat System and Formula Transparency

This is something I want to add, but forgot. So the new formulas will be.

  • Melee Attack Kill Chance- 50%+(Attacker STR-Defender STR)/2+Weapon ATK-Defender LUK/8

  • Projectile Attack Kill Chance- 50%+(Attacker AGI-Defender AGI)/2+Weapon ATK-Defender LUK/8

  • Poison Attack Kill Chance- 100% unless an antidote is found. Time To Kill = (Initial Time)*(1+Victim’s CON/50)

  • Electrocution, Drowning, and Burn Kill Chance- 100%-(Victim’s CON/2+Victim’s LUK/5)

  • Searching will always net results regardless of AGI/INT.

  • Maximum AP = 40+CON/4

  • Vote Weight = 80+INT/2

The weighted vote thing is supposed to be a buff towards high INT characters as the Search nerf felt like it leaves them a bit too underpowered. Basically a high INT character’s vote counts slightly more than a low INT character’s vote in class trials. Votes will also be anonymous now and will only show at the end of the trial.

Stat hardcaps at 100 for starting, 150 for after-bonuses.



Would like feedback mostly from you guys since you all experimented the most with this game.


Of course I shall give feedback, just gonna read up quickly but posting now so that this is in my saved messaged.

From my skim through I already loved it though so just checking.

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hyped katze noises


FYI: /pre-in

Perfect to me.

Eeeehhhh, this has the means to be good, but I’m afraid of it’s execution if I’m perfectly honest.

This just sounds like what the Ultimate Hunter was meant to be.

Sure, this has the means to be good, unsure if it actually will be though.

Okay, my only suggestion is that this isn’t for the start of the game, but instead roles should be designed around this. Otherwise it wouldn’t exactly make sense.

Technically already was doing this just without the (xx/xx) thing.


Makes sense.


I’d give better feedback but kinda busy atm, plus I like the suggestions.

It’s actually a buff that I’m doing as it gives the participants a larger PoE to work with.


What do you want feedback on?
I can give a decent bit, but a lens would probably result in more useful feedback

Tbh, the WC/Traitor thing is basically done as a response since people were mostly wanting to be purely good in the original game.

Hell, Chapter II’s murder probably would have happened way later if the role I designed as a WC didn’t exist then.


Especially the negative aspects of the first game.

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ill look at it in a bit

I would do something debuff related instead as this is extremely punishing for not bunching up with other players at all times

Aka it incentivizes a meta of sticking together in order to ensure having an alibi

I’ll break it up into sections, but sure

Then it runs into another problem.

The MM can then basically just make themselves suspicious non-stop in order to make trials fail, if I add the “MM doesn’t raise the mistrial count” condition then what happens in Ch3 will happen again where if people aren’t sure about who to vote as the Blackened to just spam-vote the MM suspect.

Fair enough
There might be a solution that satisfies last issue while also preventing this from happening

personally i think there should be less reliance on individual players
if i ever died or killed in DR1 the game would have no pressuring timer and could have slowed down
a lot

game is cool

give marshal all of the weapons and keys and any useful items, ty

This is something that on another forum has been tried and tested and I think it could work well here considering what the response other players had. Only issue is if people choose to vote to eliminate a threat such as Italy after I tricked the Serial Killer mode. Some form of protection therefore has to be considered for different roles.

Yes, I like the idea of this because then basically those with an alt wincon still get the normal amount of actual abilities. I feel like Marshal had a very balanced rolecard despite it taking up 1 ability before so consideration needs to be towards the power of the other abilities of the alt wincon players.

Yes, honestly, have no real things to comment on this one except it sounds awesome as heck. It provides another layer of mystery and for the players who are not masterminds or the traitor, it encourages them to seek out this person which will mean that passive play is not the best. Also, said non traitors or mastermind will need to also cover them.

This sounds intriguing. Do you have any idea what sort of things the Mastermind might do as their wincons? Based on the sound of things the Mastermind would get to dictate their wincon so I think this is something which should be addressed. Could be too hard on the Traitors in this case or too easy.

The last bit is somewhat of an issue I think unless the Vanillizing is private knowledge. As then the wildcard could just claim and then have the pity points of “Well, now you can see I am not a threat and I am on your side”. Implementation for this would be tricky but I love the idea because wildcards are good fun.

Seems fine to me, but this would mean that it needs to be high enough to be sustainable as some players might forget this and it would cause them to spend their energy too fast.

This seems fair, I like it.

Yes as this will encourage exploration and the mystery aspect could influence many things.

This is fair, honestly, the lore you had before was incredible but it did clear too many people too fast.

Which is why I’m adding the Traitor/WC roles.

There needs to be stalement breakers otherwise the game ends up turning from Danganronpa into Geyde, App, and Dat just spending the entire time turning the place up-side down for clues.