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Alchemist Limit Uses


Suggestion 1:

Alchemist has 12 nights worth of abilities. I think the number of uses should be decreased by 1 for each ability or set all the uses to 2. It makes alchemist think of their uses strategically before just yolo tarring someone. It adds a new layer to alchemist instead of basically using 2/4 abilities that you like every time

Suggestion 2

Just make alchemist have to uses each potion by N4 and cannot use a potion twice until every potion has been used once. As I said before, it adds a new layer of strategy to the alchemist class I seats of mindlessly using the potion.


Agreed with suggestion 2.

Survive win-cons are really bad for this game. Maybe make it “survive to use all 4 potions” and reduce the uses for each by 1 after a win. this would make alchemist a little more fun plus it prevents kingmaker alchs that already won the game to bomb and tar.


there’s nothing wrong with Alchemist guys


tell that to the thousands of assassins and Nks that got outed by a neut and bd just listened to him


i find poisoning alch works well

if bd is healing alch they can’t heal themselves


Lol you make the alch your enemy then

You sure you wanna risk losing cause you poisoned the alch to probably get an easy kill on someone else?


Whaaaat. Me? I would never poison an alch. I bet it was that 7 guy. You should totally bomb him right now just Incase before you die


I’m bombing puppetmaster N1 everytime I see him and I’m alch


what are you going to do

I’m alch about to murder you


Well I’m going to use Bear obviously. Can’t have 7 come after me for outing him now can I?