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Alchemist GOAT/Healer Hybrid Rework



Neutral Support
Passive: Prepared - Immune to death N1

Day Ability 1: Stoneskin potion - You will be immune to death tonight (2 uses)
Day Ability 2: Truth potion - Attempt to visit target player tonight. If you succeed you will learn their faction. Affected by frames (3 uses)

Night Ability 1: Crimson potion - Heal target player. If you save them from an attack or status then you will cure yourself of bleed (5 uses)
Night Ability 2: Emerald potion - Kill target player (2 uses)

Notes: Occupy stops truth potion. The use will not be refunded. If you use truth potion and a night ability then you will be seen as visiting 2 players to an observer. Truth potion can be redirected by CW/Sage/Ritualist but not by Drunk/Alcoholic/Invoker. Being empowered by CW effects both truth pot and your night ability. Stoneskin cannot be used the same day as truth.

[Insert Goat pic here]


GOAT = Goat of all trades



Greatest of all time


*Goatest of all time


so compared to GOAT alch:

Less kills
Can’t truth and SS at the same time
Can heal/kill and truth at the same time
Less kills
More heals/truths
Heal also self cures on success


REE Gib tar pot and no truth pot

runs away


Oh you little

chases with a sword


Sooo uhhh. Good? Bad? Confusing? What


Gimme a hour and I’ll actually look at it


JOAT Alch is kinda eh.

Sure I guess?


Not quite JOAT alch. This is GOAT alch


/support but why do you need to specify that it is affected by frames? It’s already implied


Because it isn’t implied anymore on non-BD classes. Thus I had to be explicit


is the goal still to survive?


I’m not a fan of Goats.


No its to defeat the unseen/cult and any neutrals that seek to do you harm :^)


How about joats?


dang it autocorrect


I like Jim more.


yeah ik if your on the block with one say goodbye to your chances of not being evicted