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Alch Moral Dilemma


I was just in a bizarre kingmaking scenario. I was Alch with 1 bomb but 0 stoneskin against GK dying to bleed and Assassin. The GK was my favorite player but the Assassin had left a touching plea in his deathnote for me, also starting King and especially Prince played rather terribly. I was also never bled or attacked by Unseen.

I ended up killing the Assassin to be the only winner (with a sellsword who was executed D2 and probably left the game). But it turned out he didn’t actually attack me. So I wish I had healed the King, but I was afraid of being attacked and missing my opportunity for peemptory revenge.

What would you have done?


Solo win is best win.


I would’ve bomb Assassin as well;

Like Scum Reaping Solic said:

The Victory Royale is the best way to win


I just realized King would have gotten revenge for me if I was killed


Well Shrimpy

That’s how Mafia Works


The situation described above reminds me of so-called “nuclear close calls” - four cases when systems detecting a missile launch gave false signals and the world was close to a nuclear war. The governments had a short time to decide whether to initiate a counterattack toward the enemy (what Shrimp did) or to ignore the signal, potentially missing the opportunity for revenge. Hopefully for our planet, none of those 4 signals - 2 for the US and 2 for the USSR - were correct, and all of them were ignored.
So this is not only how mafia works, it’s also something similar to real life.


So when I become President of the USA or Russia, don’t do what I did as Alch?


Not unless you like nuclear war


Quoting the Nuclear himself.
He just wished to be a regular burrito.


Wot. No I don’t. Nuclear war for life


S-so why are you helping them making decisions


Well I’m pointing out that if he likes Nuclear war as much as I do, then he can just nuke them anyways