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Agent & Double Agent


don’t feel too bad on this… 80% of town of salem players thought it was a good idea when it was in… however almost every one of them that stuck around to discuss changed their mind after debating with orange or others active on the blank media forums, and then when the "comprimise (IE mafia was made aware of the games that didn’t have a spy), made people aware of how useful scum chat could be when you didn’t have to assume a spy was listening… it then was finally overturned and removed.

I know hearing me and orange ripping at every arguement for it may seem like we’re tearing down a firefighter level bad idea (or ToL equivelant, a class soley made to defuse sorc bombs). but it isn’t as obvious to someone who hadn’t spent a year playing ToS, and analyzed how much the spy shifts the meta.

and yeah I know you invited me to the topic specifically… but yeah I’m sure you probably also know, I’m universally one of the toughest critics on almost all class sugestions, and it being very similar to something I spent 3 months fighting against, well that was inevitable there.


Speaking of Firefighter

Sorcerer hardcounter when

oh wait


I still want to know what you thought of the whisper reading portion of the spy or the Noble


ditch whispers


Doesn’t answer the question


It’s what I’ve got for you at this moment

All I can say is that spy reading whispers is unequivocally bad for ToS

With conversions that is less true but still not a fan of insta-confirms even with the possibility they’re a scum version


hmm… what about BMer then?


Good but should be on Osservatore or Godfather.




git gud


what’s an Osservatore



Still waiting for an answer


Mastermind: I need you to kill david
Mastermind: Actually kill mash

David:Hi I’m in your unseen crew now!