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Agent & Double Agent


but this is a problem

does the mastermind gain a new ability

Guess who the spy is

The MM and the Assassin both have 2 day abils. some converts also happen to.


Yes, that is exactly what happens. Every Unseen member gains a new ability. It could be a button above the “suicide” button.

If there is no room for a convert, the spy is killed instead.


so the first guess counts right?(1 use shared ability?)




agreed there… I mean that’s what it does… scum chat is insecure… the net result is the same as if you remove scum chat.

It runs through levels of experience

New players “discuss plans or strategies that usually give themselves away, scum chat reader gets them killed”.

Phase 2 scumchat users learn quickly not to use their scumchat to discuss plans. Instead chat is explicitly used for attempting to bait, frame etc… and it sometimes works.

Phase 3: scum knows they can’t communicate with eachother safely. readers know they can’t believe anything written in scumchat (unfortunately scum also doesn’t believe anything they can read in scumchat… as they can’t tell eachother when they are telling the truth or lying).

In short… the chat reading class effectively becomes remove private chats…

the class itself becomes extremely weak seemingly, but also extremely powerful, only actually existing isnt’ required for it’s power (IE scum assumes they have no chat… so they play worse in ALL games because they never co-ordinate… even if there is nobody reading).

long run you get a class that’s no fun to play… (because again the power is the threat of possibly existing, whether or not you do exist is meaningless).

it is over the top gamebreakingly strong… and useless at the same time. In short it’s best for the BD for the class to exist but not be rolled in that particular game… (chat reading does nothing if the possibility is known… however the fact that chat might be read means everything).


Saw Vandalay was here

Read the words “scum chat is insecure”

In disbelief I checked the OP, as I was sure it couldn’t possibly be what it sounded like

It was


Yes he does.

Do you expect scum to say I got the results 5 was killer/offensive when there is a reader? Absoutely not.


Personally this would ruin my experience as evil to have to play around it tbh


lol, weren’t you the author of the really good why it should be removed in ToS video? If so do you still have the link for that? XD, You’ve said this all before, and probably better.


Yeah but I hid it because I have irl friends lol


Nice, can we hear your voice in it?







Yeah, why?


Also what’s this about Marl? :eyes:


Cuz Marl sounds like a squeaky 15 yrs old.


I mean

I was 16 when this was recorded

And I definitely wouldn’t call it squeaky lel


How many years ago was this recorded


Check the date yourself but two


2 years ago was your last video