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After updating Windows 10 game stopped working properly


What happened:
It works okayish in the beginning, although the number of FPS is lower (around 40). But sometimes when the camera starts to rotate it goes down to 10 and it is unplayable… I have an NVIDIA GTX 1060 and at some point I got a system message about my graphic adaptor but it hasn’t reappeared since…

What was SUPPOSED to happen:

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Update Windows 10
  2. Wait 1 hour for the update
  3. Play throne of lies in 10FPS


I don’t think that’s a Throne of Lies issue unfortunately. Gotta love Microsoft… You’ll have to wait for another Windows update to fix what this one broke.


Hmm, I have a GTX 970 and getting max cap fps. Be sure to update your gfx driver~


I’m having this too. Updated last night. Will check tonight again. GTX 1050.


I updated my drivers and I still have the same issue. I saw someone in game complain about the same thing…


It’s one of my favourite games and I think that unconsciously I am starting not to like playing it because of the FPS spikes :frowning:


Unfortunately I don’t think it’s an issue of the game, so best we can do is tell you to be patient and try finding a solution for the problem. This has been reported multiple times after the windows update so hopefully someone will find the solution to it.


I “fixed” the issue by reverting the patch.


Don’t worry.

I play in 2 FPS.



Well, there’s an option that lets you uninstall the patch. Since I didn’t notice any improvements or differences I just went back to the previous patch, and maybe I’ll upgrade when there’s a new one…