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Advanced/Uncommon Interactions


We already have a post that lists many common/simpler interactions, so I figured I may as well create one for interactions that are rare to come across, yet still important to know once you have the basics down.

For instance, if a Sellsword outs their self, claiming stonewall on an important Blue Dragon player, a Court Wizard could swap the Sellsword’s target and another player. Assuming evils attacked the stonewall target, and are not occupy immune, you will force the attack to another player, along with anyone who may have attempted to heal/defend, but not the Sellsword. Although it may be an unlikely situation, it can still potentially save an important class that was otherwise lost, which could easily be the difference between a win and a loss, even if another BD died in their place.

Most players might not fully consider their options in such oddly specific situations, myself included, so creating a list to refer back to could definitely help players improve.


Court Wizard could swap the Sellsword’s target

Court Wizard can’t visit a stonewalled target because they would get occupied.


You can. I saved an outed Mystic by swapping them and myself. The swap goes first, for whatever reason, which is quite powerful.


Are you sure that was after the most recent couple of patches?


Unless they changed it super recently, I can also confirm that CW gets occupied while visiting the stonewalled target. In this patch I’ve already seen it several times that CW fails to perform this trick.


Alright sorry but heres the debunk

The reason why this doesnt work anymore is because swap doesnt bypass occupy immunuty, nothing other then the princes jail, a protective that gained occ immunity.

Mercenary i think could possibly stop it but the patch where Sellsword bypassed merc, but due to the occupation change i think Merc will occ the attacker.