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Acolyte(original I know) Cult Killer


The Acolyte

Cult Killer
Abetment (Day) - If the target player is bleeding, they will die tonight - 1 use
Obliteration(Day) - Attack a player no matter what, you will remove death immunity heals and be occupy and redirection immune, in return for your own life, you will not be able to preform any night actions tonight. - 1 use
Reinforce (Night) - Guard a member of the cult, occupying anyone who visits - 3 uses
Bold Instinct (Night) -If any of your two target attack, you will attack and occupy them, if both attack you will kill and occupy both
Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


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Why won’t this thing work!!??

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There we go

You could just say it reduces time of bleed from 2 days to 1.

I don’t think the Knight gives feedback at the guarded person for successful guard, but if it does, then cool

This seems like a copy paste of Huntard ability. Maybe make it a bit more powerful, hence abilities like Bat Eyelashes and the Infamous Probe.


I think a way can be to select two targets if either viset each other attack the one who visits if both visit you will kill both


If you somehow worked in suicide to the killing ability I think it would balance the fact you’re giving a faction with potentially 5 members (if you count King) the ability to kill 4 people in one night (CL erads 2, bleeds 1, and then Acolyte kills).

Maybe Acolyte suicides in order to attack?


true suicide doesn’t seem fair though after all people were mad when scorned and inq use to suicide on win and killing yourself to win doesn’t really seem to fun, some people are saying the ability is too OP and too weak I really don’t know honestly


seems good makes it more powerful without changing the ability that much


Cult Leader can already kill his own teammates with Sacrifice, it fits with the theme at least

I guess it’s subjective but personally I find it fun (actually funny) to suicide to help my team win


Perhaps I can make it an option to suicide to kill a player and bypass death immunity and heal , that way if you want to play more reckless you could kill nk and prince, in return for your own life, while you can be more passive if you want to remain with cult but cause less damage. Plus it would probably end this prince outing d1 meta that is on the rise.




This would do literally nothing. You already aren’t told if you are saved by a knight


ok I thought they changed that so I’ll come up with a new one


Much better


Why not instead make it a hunter’s mark doppleganger and call it something like foresight forethought?


that’s what I had originally but people wanted to change it