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Acolyte - Cult Killer


Cult Killer

Broken Mind: Cannot regain ability charges.

Day Ability:
Shape of Mithras (1 use)
You will appear as Chosen Class if you get executed or die tonight.

Night Ability:
Shared Burden (2 uses)
You will be the one visiting the Cult Leaders targets tonight instead. If you die because of this, the Cult Leader will be immune to occupation and redirection for the next night.

Prey Upon (2 use):
If your target visits a cult member tonight, occupy and attack them.


I got the song perfect for this
Song for Acolytes

Dont think there is a way to regain uses, but if there is, dont know why this is in here

So self herbalist basically

Seems more like a support to me again

clicks mouth



Cult Sacrifice

The goal was to make a combination of Knight and Hunter, Burden being more knight like, Prey Upon being a Cult version of Hunters Mark
That’s also the same reason for the day ability. Knights (and Hunters recently) are sacrificial pawns.


So in otherwords the ability exists for the same reason I gave my Acolyte blood shield.


:clap: stop :clap: making :clap: acolytes :clap:


Original title was supposed to be called “Yet another Acolyte suggestion” :^)


no , bad


But acolyte should totally be a thing


no , bad


no bad nao


What does NAO mean btw


North American Order.






Dont ask k?


Fine. I will.

What is the North American Order?


Amongst the Roleplaying Community & Mapping Community , it is known as an union between The United States of America and Canada.