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Acolyte 2.0 - Cult Killer


Acolyte has death immunity as per this suggestion


Thus converted Knight has death immunity



now what if we made the knight in fol have it and the suicide ability so it’s not trash


He does. It’s called Cold Steel




okay bringing it to that thread


Yes that’s this suggestion


I like the suicide kill but not the death immunity or death immunity and healing bypass. It seems like dying to give Cult an extra kill should be a required trade-off, and the bypass thing is unfair to NK in my opinion.

Note: Blood for blood is treated as a normal kill on both targets and interacts accordingly.

So you can get killed by a knight that defends you while you attack yourself?

The main reason I believe Cult needs Acolyte, by the way, is so that converted Hunters and Knights don’t get outed for being occ immune (which just happened last cult game I played).