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Acolyte 2.0 - Cult Killer



Cult Killer
Passive: Blood Shield - Immune to death once

Day Ability: Judgement - Bleed target player. Gain 1 use when the Cult Leader does not kill or convert anyone (0 uses)

Night Ability 1: Blood for blood - Kill target cultist and target non-cultist. Can target self (3 uses)
Night Ability 2: Curse - Target player loses death immunity and cannot be healed tonight (2 uses)

Note: Blood for blood is treated as a normal kill on both targets and interacts accordingly.


What if we made this a better Ability and say it fails if the target doesn’t die

therefore it’s more reliable


Yeah but he already gets a free kill by targeting self cause death immunity

And honestly it’s better for cult leader to sac than to use that so it’s kind of ehhh


wait didn’t notice that



If i see another acolyte im gonna commit die



Isn’t main idea for acolyte to be martyr?

Interesting, yeets Phys out of pictures in Pronce Meta

So 3KPN. Matches with Unseen, but why

Thats a massive Nae Nae to Neut Killers


More like Acolyte v. (Insert A Big Number Here)



It’s actually 2+1 by default.

Since it is a 1 time bonus kill and 2 time neutral trade (which is a +0)

Obviously sacrifice has a bigger long term impact. But this is a more short term “I need to get the sac kills NOW”


It’s MY second version.


hey let’s take this death immunity and one kill

and shove it on converted knight in FOL


But this IS converted Knight


so let’s shove it to knight?


We already did


wait did I miss an update


No. This is the suggestion for that



nuke I meant give the CONVERTED knight death immunity


Yes. That’s this


nuke I feel like we are not talking about the same thing


Knight would convert to the Acolyte



ok I give up trying to explain