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Academy - Locations & Background {INPROG}


Locations List

Major Landmarks of Interest

Continent : Lineara

  • Northern Forest - Untouched Greenery

    • Jannis Falls - Waterfall of Light
    • Borio’s Plains - Natural Nature
    • Terrian’s Trees - Towering Canopies
  • Millias State- Border State; Sandwich between Adiart and Telias.

  • Adiart Kingdom - Central Castle of the Grands, symbol of power.

    • Thashopolis - The Northeastern city of technology.
      • Lavis Mines - A Mine full of resources, pumping out raw materials needed for the advancement of the land.
      • Contrast Building - The tallest building in the city. Houses the main offices for the Contrast organisation.
      • Factories of Contrast - Refining raw materials from the mines and manufacturing weapons of varying intensities.
      • Falch’s Keep - A renowned store in the middle of the path from Lavis Mines to Thashopolis.
    • Terrion - The biggest City in Adiart.
      • Castle Argus - Palace of the Royals.
      • Adiart’s Plaza - A Plaza that encompasses the entrance to the Palace.
      • Vaenqueer’s Clothing Flagship Store - The flagship store of one of the highest clothesmaker companies.
      • Residential Areas - With different areas (streets) for the nobles and the commoners.
    • Finera - A small and quiet town located to the west of the nation.
      • Forsyth’s Military Academy - Where you’ll be going.
      • Fine Radio - A radio station that delivers the news to the nation.
    • Tempor - A fishing port south of the nation. Often shrouded in mist from the ocean.
    • Liberl Hub - A busy marketplace where merchants come to gather. The marketplace is a tourist attraction beholden to all.
      • Liberia Marketplace - A collection of stalls that make up some of the finest products for a relatively good price.
    • Garrelia Fortress - A Military Base, said to be the largest in the world. It is stated at the eastern border of the nation, protecting the nation from Telias.
    • Fallair - A small town in the east that produces the country’s food stock.
  • Southern Renderers.

    • Agravain Highlands - Vast plains that stretch over the south. Home to the founders of the two nations. Considered as ancestral land. The steeds there are considered the finest in the continent. Wandering Nomads live in these parts, living each day in a humble manner.


  • Westlands - Oceans, Abundance of Seafood.
  • Eastlands- The Republic
    • Telias - The nation across Millias State. A Republican Nation that opposes Adiart rule. Its size is similar to Adiart, with its fair share of complexity.

Histories of each place will be covered in their own individual posts below.
Lore will be posted here as well.
New locations will be added.

{Out-of-character} Academy




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I’m totally going to do a nothing personnel kind of char

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Contrast Corporation

The corporation responsible for driving up technological advances, it has become the front-runner of technology, their achievements include cutting-edge tanks, radio technology and recently, they are rumoured in development of a new handheld communications device.

Major Railway Lines

Completed just a few years ago, it runs on Contrast Technology. Adiart is now linked by a few train lines, all centralizing at Terrion, the centre of the nation.


The place where the founder of Adiart made his deathbed. He left behind his teachings of war so that his future generations would protect the land that they all call home.


A content place, where farmers and shepherds gather. Food is produced here, and is exported to all of Adiart. Home to some of the freshest ingredients Adiart has to offer, with many delish home food.

Liberl Hub

A marketplace that imports many products, including fine goods that nowhere else has to offer. The town is modest but its marketplace is a sight to behold.

The Church

Based on the teachings of the founder, this church was founded to bring salvation to the people, to bring help in stressful times. They pray to the Lord Agravain, so they can alleviate their woes.


Located to the East, home to one of the 3 noble houses, the Lockharts. The Lockhart Magic School Main Branch is located here, and current head, Barrack Lockhart, is the acting master of the school. The Lockhart manor oversees the fishing port, with the olden Castle of the Lance Maiden behind it.

Lance Maiden

The Lance Maiden accompanied Lord Adiart in quelling disputes across the land, sacrificing her life to protect Adiart. There is a memorial in the castle, doubling as a tourist attraction to many in the modern era.


Housing a population of over 700 thousand, it is no wonder that this is the biggest city in Adiart. Vaenqueer Street, the street one sees upon going out of the station, is ridiculously huge. Trams travel to and fro different streets due to how ridiculous the size of the city is.


How can guns and firepower be on an equal standing with weapons and magic?

Well, extremely strong individuals can fight off tanks on their own. Mainly with their agility. Current technologies cannot auto-track, and the ability of a tank comes from the gunner.

Even if you have a gun, magic blocks off bullets, dealing less damage than if you would cut with a sword.
The main goal of any fighter is to reduce their mana pool to 0, where only then they can deal damage to experienced fighters who know how to reduce attack damage through blocking with mana. Though, it must be noted, the more mana is consumed, the more exhausted you become. So usually people are knocked out due to the lack of mana left over in their body.

Tank blasts can take out multiple people, that’s for sure. Overwhelming power is still a threat.

Yet, arrows and bullets are different. An arrow can be covered in mana to pierce through a tank. A bullet can too, but it is far more difficult, not to mention more expensive too.

Though… it seems as if there is a new technology that Contrast has made. Though… we will have to see.


O, what is this?

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It’s a RP!
I haven’t been here for some time and I hope to do one here!


Can I join?


You can! I’m almost done with setting things up. You just needa wait for about 7 hours… I think.

And when I edit the CS thread (Character Sheet not Coldsteel), plop a Character down! Just ask me if you have any questions. :3


Okay, thanks.


The three great Noble Houses

Lockhart. Rogner. Borealia. These three houses make up the highest of nobility, just below the imperial family.

Lockhart: Well-versed in magic, their teachings are famous continent-wide. The head of the current Lockharts is Barrack Lockhart, with the moniker “Tsunami” due to his potency in water magic.

Rogner: The highest of noble families. They have their noble pride, their head being the illustrious Marquis Gonerea Rogner. He who wields the fine rapier, is who will support the Imperial Family. Yet, of course, their pride gets in their way sometimes.

Borealia: The weakest among the three. Their head, Raina Borealia, is known for their philanthropy and kindness. Assists in making new medicines and other humanitarian efforts. Known otherwise as the Radiant Alchemist.


OMG I JUST REALIZED…This is a ToL roleplay!


Not exactly. This is the future of the ToL you know.

So… :3


Yup, sign me up for this, I’m already into it.


Character Sheets will be up soon.


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You can make a draft in the CS thread, but dont post it

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DMs are much appreciated :smiley: