Academy Diary Entry {ALL}

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Act 0:
Take Down the Huge Beast (+4 -1 +2 CP)

Total CP : 5
“Keep it up guys!” (Lifea)

CP to next reward: 5
Next Reward: Fire Quartz.

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Magnus Eldoris Diary
Archive One
Diary Entry 1

The sky was a gentle pink, reminding me of home. I met some people today at the Academy. James, Hunter, Ferris, Matija, Faustus, Elise And Terry. An idiot. I am apart of class IV, which means 4 in Roman numerals. Hunter made a comment, about me looking like a demigod. An interesting idea, but not realistic. I’ll update this diary as I find things out. This Academy has more than meets the eye.

Diary Entry 2

One thing I learned today — the combat teacher is not messing around.
It seemed simple, at first. Land a hit on the teacher. Terry charged in, hostile and aggressive. I was trying to outmanoeuvre her, but Sara moves waaay too quickly. Terry was knocked out cold in two minutes. She had a gun to my head. We could both be killed at any time. Perhaps the teachers will kill one of us eventually, if we’re too weak. I’m going to start privately training James and Fireslol, as both can use swords, but seem to prefer pacifism.

Diary Entry 3

I am not an artist.
Today I found out about magic, also called, ‘the Arts.’ Basically, it’s this thing that helps you use a weapon. Elise used the Arts with her bow, to shoot magic arrows that didn’t really exist. Honestly, i’m not sure what kind of magic i’ll develop. Perhaps something to help return my Trident to hand? I’m not sure.
I am not an artist.

Archive Two
Diary Entry One

I arrived back at bed a few minutes before sunrise and collapsed cold. I was woken up this morning by Hunter, knocking on my door loudly. Perhaps that was for the best in the long run, as I wouldn’t have woken otherwise until it was too late.
The maid did something. I’ve been thinking more clearly than I’ve thought since I’ve arrived at the Academy. The bed rocks now, which most people would be seasick, but it’s calming for me. I’ve been unable to sleep the last month, so I’ve been out all of the dark hours. I will not write about it in this diary, so I wrote it in my Secret Diary, one I won’t share to my friends but will carry on me at all times.

Diary Entry Two

I had a dream tonight.
I was reliving the single most scariest moment of my life.
I was on the boat, looking into the storm. I was twelve at the time. My sister was with me, holding onto my arms. I can’t remember her name. My father was there, pulling the ropes, trying to keep us on course. It wouldn’t have worked, of course. The sails were wreaked, battered beyond repair.
I didn’t see my mother. She was already lost, but i didn’t know it. Her body washed up in Tempor a week after the disaster. My sister gave a shriek as my father fell into the sea with barely a ripple. I would’ve dived down to save him, but I had my sister to look after. So I told her that we would drown as well, unless we got the lifeboats out. There was only one. If we went together, the boat would sink.
My sister was almost as strong as me. I had to lie. I said we would go together, and she believed me. When the boat was about to be broken into a million pieces, I pushed the lifeboat away, her in it. My last view of her was clouded with the water vapour.
I lost consciousness a moment later.
I had woken up in Tempor harbour. I had asked to see if my sister had made it. She had never been seen. She was lost at sea.
And I was equally lost on land.

(How do you do these arrows?)

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Hunter's Diary
Hunter's Diary, Entry One.

First day at the Academy, not that bad…Matija seems like a really good guy, he’s nice and calm, respectful and equal. I really like him. I can’t seem to understand Faustus, I’ll try to get to know him better. I feel really bad for James… He just seems like a lost soul, filled with pain. I should help him but how? I got a littled carried away with Neptune today…I also can’t forget Ferris, the girl I crashed into, giving her a bruise, and then I offered to pay her books! I don’t if I just apologize, or wait for it to go away…Don’t want to make it awkward."

Hunter's Diary, Entry Two.

“HOLY CRAP MAGIC IS REAL I’M SO EXCITED. Magic is real! I can cast spells! I’m a wizard! A wizard!!! When I learn how to make a fireball, I am going straight for Terry!”

Hunter's Diary, Entry Three.

“I am an idiot. So, Ferris overheard me talking about her and the gardening club situation where I forced myself to take an application not to embarrass myself, and I apologized. And it was fine for a while, the wind orchestra was fun and really enjoyable, but then when I went on that quest and after I got back, it all went downhill. Since I learned about mana, I tried testing its limits by toppling off the stairs backward, but just as that happened, Ferris decided to walk up to her room. I somehow managed to land on her with my hand on her…Well, point is, Faustus let something out about themselves. They were disowned by their family…Ugh, I went to this place to get away from home, just everyone else did too.”

Jem Smith’s Diary

The Academy is a big school. It seems both safe and dangerous. I sense there’s a secret, and I’m going to find it.

Diary Entry One

The Academy has more than meets the eye. Clad in my black jacket, I arrived at the Academy, not sure what was happening. It looked exactly like the brochure in my father’s game bag. Some of the people in my class are nice. Some see themselves as more powerful. Terry and Magnus are shockingly similar, although neither seem to see it. Hunter is most like me, although not very close. He came to learn how to fight. I came because I don’t want to fight.
Matija and Faustus, Elise and Ferris, those four all are willing to fight. No doubt I’m seen as the biggest target. At this rate, I’m going to have to kill someone to get my reputation up. That was a joke.
I heard a comment Hunter said earlier. How Magnus ‘looked like a demigod.’ And everyone’s been calling him Neptune. I suppose both of us are more similar than I thought. Both of us are accustomed to surviving. But we are different outcomes of the same story. It sickens me.
I will update this diary of mine as time goes on. It will be my only account of the years to come.

Diary Entry Two

I finally spilt Magnus’s secret. He’s been leaving his bed at night. If he doesn’t stop soon, i’m going to follow him. He’s trying to make enemies, it seems. He’ll tell the story that puts him in the worst possible light. If there was a bar on campus he would most likely pretend to drink.
No, I’m not sure he’s drinking. He’s not sneaking away. It’s my believe he’s got a practical reason to do it, but wants to hide his truth. When he woke up this morning, he was exhausted. The maid did some Arts, and now his bed is magic. So even now he gets special treatment. My guess is it isn’t permanent, or it would’ve been done on all of our beds. Although Magnus is undoubtedly unhappy about something, and it isn’t my job to find out what.
I’m going to try to learn to use the Arts today.

Diary Entry Three

We’re heading to Fallair. It’s me, Hunter, Elise and Ferris. I’ve noticed something strange. I’ve found myself staring at Ferris more and more. I hope she doesn’t think i’m a creep.
Things have been happening. This field trip is to make us at peace again, friends again. I approve, but I feel like people are prying. Elise pressured Ferris to release information about her past that she had been withholding. It’s not her place.
We’ll arrive in Fallair in a day or two. Then we’ll have to work as one.

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Elise Borealia
March 21

A first for me, The school year has started. I have met many people in this class, some with their quirks. Indeed, I worked with Matija, a noble to corner the instructor in a one on one duel. I felt that we were in sync and that his predictions in battle can be relied on.

Also, I met with Faustus on the way to the student council room. He is a kind and considerate gentleman, and an eager swordsman. I respect his passion and will challenge him to a duel someday.

In the student council room, we helped the president, Lifea, out. She seemed very busy, and even if only a little, I am glad we were able to help out.

We went onto the highway for a little observation. Indeed, we failed to remove the monsters entirely, but we managed to beat one huge beast. What disturbed me was that the girl, named Fie, was riding on top of it without any problem. In fact, she seems to be stronger than me. Yet, her attitude just ticks me off. I will learn more about her as the year continues.

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Matija Branković's Diary
Entry 1

So today was an exciting day! I met some very interesting people such as Elise and Hunter. Elise a stunning noblewoman who uses a staff as her weapon. We worked together to force the combat instructor Sara into a position where they could not block either attack. Once we were done other pairs attempted to defeat them but were unsuccessful. Jem also opened up about their past and I don’t think they’ve ever heard of ‘too much info’. Like keep that shit to yourself, people you just met aren’t interested in it. Terry is also a bit of a douche but I’ve dealt with his type my whole life. That posedian kid also seems to have a god-complex with his trident. Hunter and Faustus are both very enjoyable to be around. Both weild swords. Also apparently we have the things called Arts. No clue how they work but im sure I’ll learn. Also we took down a couple monsters on the highway. I’m sure by the end of my schooling this journal is gonna be a complete mess. But hey should be enjoyable if anybody finds it. Maybe if i graduate here I’ll hide it for posterity’s sake. but where to hide it hmmm.

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Faustus’ Diary
First Entry

So far today has been alright. Got to fight the teacher Sara with Ferris, they both were good. After the fighting was over, I then applied for the fencing club, meeting 3 new people who seemed happy to have more members. I guess it’s a surprise that first years actually join clubs? Anyway, then I got to hang around with Elise, who seemed very formal and nice, I’d say almost sister-like. Matija also reminded me of her, both happy to fight. Then we got to fight some wolf, which I messed up on guard duty and the group had to deal with it. Oh well. And apparently Hunter and Ferris have something against each other, as Ferris seemed she was going to kill him after he decided to barrel down the stairs, nearly causing my gladius to get stuck. He told me after that she wasn’t going to kill him, but that’s bullshit. And also managed to slip on my past, leaving hunter shocked. Neptune is decent, however haven’t had too much interaction with him to formally judge him, and the same with James. Oh yeah, not to mention we’re learning magic, called “arts” meaning my midnight training was absolutely worthless. Hopefully fencing will change my mind. There is Lifea, who’s so busy with papers that it consumes her entire day. Then there’s that one white-haired girl who originally seemed to follow me and Elise, but then is just present in the Ferris-Hunter showdown. Maybe she’s into me? I honestly don’t know.