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To sign up, put your character sheet here. Here’s a template!

Name {Isn’t it obvious UwU}

Gender: Male/Female {Make sure it’s within reason. If I find an attack helicopter I’ll send one after you.}
Age: 16/17 {If younger/older, please specify reason in backstory.}
Appearance: {A picture, or a written description. I would prefer if you had your character’s height up.}
Class: Noble/Commoner
Origin: {Locations can be found in the Locations thread.}
Backstory: {Where was your character born, what type of life did they live? Any major influences or dreams they have?}

Consider all locations before posting here. I will judge all fairly. And, I will destroy any bullockery with an eternal grace as if you were the opposing faction in a Forum of Lies game.

Also, if this is your first time rping, PM me on your character design and I’ll try to help in whatever way I can! If you intend to add extra characters related to your original characters into the plot, I will help with that. Characters are students, so make sure their power levels are equivalent to such.

Do take note that any M18 stuff is prohibited. These are underage students, I will have your head if you try making M18 stuff. Aka, your teacher will come and “Ara Ara” before sending you to the gallows.


Example Character Sheet

Josephine Rogner

Age: 23
Class: Noble
Appearance: 176 cm. ?? Kg. A stoic young lady, she has a friendly disposition, usually wearing commoner’s clothing over her leather suit. Her sharp gaze with her handsome features have won over many ladies.
Origin: Thashopolis
Profile: A teacher in the Academy. Loves to flirt with ladies. Among the highest of nobility,
Backstory: ???
Weapon: Iron Knuckles.

You are now allowed to post your characters below. DO NOT TALK HERE> TALK IN OOC THREAD.

Picture required?

Shu said the message:
No. but picturing helps with imaging your character.

That description doesnt do the picture justice tbh.

Oh yay it’s open.

Can we post our character sheet in a dm and not the forum?

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: 1,70m. Deadpan with superiority feelings is default, quite strong.

Class: Commoner
Origin: Tempor
Backstory: Currently a quite serious girl with an impetuous gaze. Born from a simple family of fishermen, she doesn’t ever wants to return to Tempor because of the ill fame she had as a teenager amongst others. She was placed in the military school to see if the discipline would make her better. She was first mad at the idea of the school, but is now trying to see it with better eyes as she will at least be able to do some battle crap.
Weapon: Can I use a rifle owo. She isn’t that good with magic.

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Magnus Eldoris

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: A boy, rarely seen wearing anything except a jacket and jeans, his dark hair falling into his sea green eyes. Wears regular black boots when on land.
Class: Commoner
Origin: Tempor
Backstory: Magnus was always a rebel. Growing up on a boat, he learned to look after himself. He lived on the water, working tirelessly, especially after his father and mother died in a storm and his sister was lost forever. He learned to fish using a trident instead of a net, moving blindingly fast.
He stepped off the boat on his fifteenth birthday. Some soldiers were impressed with his Trident skills, and recommended him to a Military school. Normally, he wouldn’t go. But something nagged at him, a distant memory.
So he went to school.
Weapon: Trident

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Hunter Srites

Gender: Male.
Age: 16.
Appearance: Never really wears formal clothing, always wore loose leather clothing because they felt more comfortable. Has Brown hair, blue eyes.
Class: Commoner.
Origin: Fallair
Backstory: Hunter was born in a small shed in Fallair, with two loving parents caring over him. His parents had a good relationship until they just split apart and fell out of love. His previously full of energy home and house was now just a small piece of shelter with no love and happiness. Eventually, Hunter started producing food for his town, and he was extremely good at it. One day though, he couldn’t stand his parent’s bickering and unhappiness and ran away. He ran far and far until he was attacked by a group of bounty hunters. He was going to die until a soldier had saved his life. The Soldier had escort Hunter back home, but not without inspiration. With his new found determination and a sense to matter, he joined the academy.
Weapon: Wooden Blade.



James Smith

Nickname - Jem

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: 170cms, Jem has dark hair that falls into his eyes of the same colour. Wears a thin shirt and shorts. Light skin that contrasts greatly with his skin.
Class: Commoner (Middle Class)
Origin: Outskirts of Borio Plains
Backstory: Jem was raised as a hunter by his father, who vanished a year ago. His family was poor, but they never had to worry. They would head into the forest and hunt. They knew how to survive.
When his father died, his mother fell into depression. When the funeral came, she couldn’t handle it. A rope, quickly fashioned into a noose, and it was all it took. When he returned, it was too late.
So he wandered.
Weapon: Shortsword


Name: Faustus Duilius
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: 172.7 cm/ 5’7 inches, 130 lbs/58.967 kg

Class: Commoner
Origin: Terrion
Backstory: Growing up in a house with 2 loving parents, 2 younger brothers, and with a long bloodline of merchants, Faustus believed that he would be a trader as well. His rich family already had everything that he might need, including a boat for the future on his journeys, a 2nd manor for him in the same area, and even had a woman declared to be his future wife. Life was good for him, and his family was very supportive and caring. However, on one night while hiking near Garrelia Fortress with a couple of his friends, he saw his other rich friends laughing at something, and upon looking, he saw 2 recruits fighting with tree sticks. He briefly down at a twig near his foot, and had an urge to pick up a stick right next to him and join in. After watching the fight for a couple minutes, he knew that his true destiny was to fight. He hired an officer to help train him in secret from midnight to 4am to prepare him for the entrance exam of the army. After weeks of training, on one stormy night, his family woke up to a lightning bolt hitting outside the walls at 1:00am, and upon entering his room, saw he wasn’t there. They looked around the castle, until they noticed Faustus was training with an officer of the army. After watching the fight, they returned home in disgust and anger, furious at the notion Faustus was willing to disgrace his family to join a horrible job. Upon Faustus returning, his family told him to leave their place, shouting in an enraged tone, “If you wish to die among the peasants, then you should live with them!” He was kicked out of his home, along with his future being shattered, as his belongings and future belongings, including his to-be wife, was given to his younger brother. Desperate and dejected, he sought help from the officer, as he needed 2 years before he could join the army. The officer recommended Faustus went to an academy inside an area named “Finera”. With a map, his clothes, and a week’s worth of food and water handed to him by his family, he set off, wondering what his fate will turn out to be.
Weapon: Gladius


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Matija Branković

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Around 5’ 6". Usually wears a formal Black shirt and pants. Has a short shaggy black hair and has green eyes
Class: Noble
Origin: Terrion
Backstory:Coming from one of the royal families of Adiart. Matija always enjoyed fighting in play battles with his brothers and friends. Aspiring to become a officer in the military, even if it meant neglecting his classes/ Finally getting accepted into the Academy Matija packed up his things and headed there.
Weapon: Rifle w/ Bayonet affixed

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