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A Wish Granted. [Sign Ups] 12/14


Does a flip.

About 80%


@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 9


Well, we at a stand still i guess.


i saw 17 messages and i thought multiple people joined geyde why do you play me like this :sob:


Feels bad max lul.


Plays uno draw 2


Plays uno draw 2 to make Blizer draw 4


takes draw 4

puts down 2 blocks


getting a draw 2, draw 4, or skip played on you skips your yurn



Honestly, i mostly have played with different rules then with friends.


We draw and play at the same turn


nah i’ve watched markiplier play uno


bringing a new definition to the term ‘forward notice’ :thinking:


In a dark, dark place. A lady brandishes her spear. Her ember eyes looking into the distance.

“Life with mortality is meaningless… I’ll kill off everything I love… Including you…”


Plot Spoiler, End.


/puts my card face down in defence mode and ends my turn