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A Wish Granted. [Sign Ups] 12/14


Roleplay as the Masters or Servants in a Holy Grail War!

If disagreements in the server arise, they will be resolved by the Game Master. Otherwise, there will be little involvement or interference by the Game Master. Unless participants take a bit too long…

This is based off the “Fate” franchise off Aniplex. This roleplay is not affliated with the Fate series in any way. This is a fan-made creation.


The Year 2021. The Holy Grail. An omnipotent device that can grant the wish of anyone that comes into contact with it. Two wishes for two people may be granted.

But gaining such a thing? It is impossible. Only the beings known as Servants can touch it. It is a spiritual entity after all.

Mana resides inside each of us. Be they a pitiful resource or an abundant reservoir, they have many uses.

But Servants don’t exist in the real world. Technically, they shouldn’t exist. They are given bodies and life by the Holy Grail. They’re a sustenance of souls, given a personality by the Records of Heroes.

That being said, the Record of Heroes has quite a number of heroes. More or less, those who have quite a name for themselves can be summoned as a Servant, as long as they aren’t alive and well known by people.

Only when the Holy Grail War starts, will the Holy Grail reveal itself… and only to the winners.

Eliminate all other servants besides your own. That is the rule of the War.

Rider, Caster, Assassin, Beserker, Lancer, Archer, Saber. These servants will clash against each other alongside their Master.

But how are Masters chosen? They don’t just become a master after all. The Holy Grail War is special after all.

Every Year, the War is conducted. People who are eligible to become Masters will go to the Chaldea facility in Italy. There, they would attempt to summon a Servant, and those who succeed will be eligible for this War.

The War is conducted in an ever changing habitat. Coupled with realistic NPCs mimicking the outside world, it will make you feel as if you were fighting in the real world.

However, the War isn’t without casualties. Masters have died before in the War. And yet, the prospect of the Holy Grail, is too tempting.

Masters who’d won before had become famous, their wishes granted. Many seek to be like them.

Magic is a part of the civilisation here. Technology coupled with Magic have stopped the many adverse effects of Technology.

Will you come for the Holy Grail? A wish is waiting.

“It’s so boring… then… Who will be my toys… Huehue… I can’t wait to find out…”


Roleplay Mechanics

One Master will have a Servant of their own. This means working with other roleplayers.

Number of RPers Undecided. Ideal is 14 but if needed I can cut down after 8. 7 Master Slots and 7 Servant Slots. First come first served.

Character sheets will be displayed in the Discord Server. The Discord Server will be the primary form of RPing. Servants can choose to disobey their Masters, but they can be bound by the Command Seals that Masters have. That done, Servants can choose to defy their Masters as long as they do not get bound by the Command Seal.

Usually, Masters and Servants will negotiate their conditions for cooperation and then go on to the war. They usually come to a mutual understanding and then try to complement their courses of action.

Servants are significantly more powerful than Masters or regular humans. In battle, it is not unusual for Servants to do the battling with Masters supporting them.

A different take on the Danganronpa killing series.

Private Wish made by Assassin. Winner of 2014.
“That’s simple! I wish this world to be prosperous! And to fufill many more generations to come!” Lancer, Winner of 2015
“I wish for Master to be successful, in everything he does.” Saber, Winner of 2016.
“I wish that the world would be peaceful, without major conflicts, that people of all walks of life could come together!” Ruler, Winner of 2017.
“I wish I can stay here, the food here is delicious! Get me more of that Karaage! Hey! I told you I want it!” Berserker, Winner of 2018
“Hmm… I don’t really have any wish, I got everything I needed.” Archer, Winner of 2019.
“LOL GG EZ SCRUBS I get the Holy Grail! And I’m finally am going to own a h-…” Rider, Winner of 2020. (That Master decided to make this servant to give her his wish.)


this is the plot of Fate isn’t it


Plot is indeed a little Fate-ish.
I just used their names. Ahahahha.

Plot will be decided by the players. The world itself is what the GM will manage.


whats fate :V


I’ve never seen Fate, so I don’t know too much about what goes on there :confused:


Don’t worry I’ll explain… when I wake up tomorrow.

Ask any questions about main plot here! I’ll answer when I come back tmr.


What happens if the winner says “I wish that the holy grail couldn’t grant wishes anymore”


That’s one Grail

A new one appears every year.
So you wasted that grail :slight_smile:


What is the time period for most tech?


How does summoning Servants work?


Advance about 50 years from now with no kinds of ecological damage!

Well… teleporting isn’t available yet… as per technology says.
Some Magi may or may not have found a way.


Summoning Servants
Usually through a summoning circle, where you can summon (once) after incanting a certain chant…

The servant usually gets to sign on a contract with their Master, negotiating with them what they can do or not do. Even so, they are bound by Command Seals which are almighty command spells that force the Servant to do what the Master says.

But once the spells run out, the servant is no longer compelled to help their Master. After all, they are individuals that may or may not have their own wishes. (But they cannot attack their Master, because they require the Master to supply them with the Mana to live.)

I still reiterate 0 Sexual Stuff allowed here. Some people do seem to lean that way.


Could this be explained in greater detail?


Think of our bodies like a storage device. Different people have different storage spaces.

Mana is everywhere. Our bodies naturally take in Mana and stores them. It’s been recently discovered that Mana is a (chemical compound) that our bodies absorb…

And that our bodies can utilise them in many different ways. Similar to expending energy from our glucose, magic can be performed by drawing out mana from the storage inside each of us.

However, to utilise this storage of mana… one must practise how to draw out mana through concentration. Take note that sudden drawage of mana after a long period of time may cause shock to the body (and temporarily disable parts of the body.)

Thus how much the person can use, not only depends on their natural capabilty, but also how much they’ve practised.


“I wish that all grails can’t grant wishes anymore”


gee i wonder why


Even then it wont affect the current story.

And would your servant wish the same thing?
He/She wouldn’t be too happy about it right?


I’m glad you wonder why.


Servants are known as

Heroic Spirits.