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A String of Choices and Decisions [CYOA]


if we see Adrian I’m taking the most reckless and violent action against him we have omegalul


Number 15: Burger King Phallus Lettuce


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And now let us moved away from Lilian’s world temporarily.

That particular Summer night is one of the several important events in Lilian’s life. A nexus in time where decisions made heavily influence the fate of those involved.

The fight led to the breakdown of the twins’ trust between each other. Adrian’s increasing mischief torn the harmonious relationship between Richard and Viola White with Maria Flemming. Perhaps if Lilian hadn’t be so forceful, or Adrian less rash than he was, these unfortunate events would not occur.

It is important to note that childhood, is a stage where organisms are very susceptible to change. Adrian’s violent outburst was not the result of one event, rather the build up of what had been piling for a long time.

The same can be said of Lilian’s determination. Maria’s favoritism, added with her shared secret with Adrian, sprouts a seed of jealousy in her unconsciousness. Her love for her sibling inevitably fans her curiosity. The need to be on the same standing with her brother.

Let us forget about the past. What is in the past cannot be changed. We will now follow Lilian, after her graduation from elementary school. Her school life could not not be affected by her private life. And yet, school, for children, is a location almost as important as their home.

Several nexus exist in the span of Lilian’s time in academic pursuit. The remaining question is, which nexus demand the most attention?

  • High School Nexus: When Mother revealed her secret [17 years old]
  • Graduation Nexus: When an opportunity comes into light [19 years old]
  • University Nexus: When a hidden talent emerges [22 years old]

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(This will determine Lilian’s age in the story for quite a while. Pick carefully~)


oh no
an important choice

u guys go and do it
lol bye XD


Heads up there is a possibility of Lilian joining Olympus Group in one of the future nexus

Only one though :stuck_out_tongue:


when mother revealed her secret

Which ‘her’? Mother or lillian


I don’t know~




I see.

Let us go to several years later.

There is a lot of secret among the Whites and the Flemmings. Secrets, as of their secretive nature, are hidden from those who has no need to know the content of these secrets.

What happened when Lilian and Adrian were eight years old could be said to be an inevitable conclusion due to the existence of a secret and its secretive nature.

A secret kept between the Flemmings, and now, Adrian White. Richard White had no inkling of this secret. Viola White had displayed a limited knowledge of this secret, though this is purely a conjecture. Lilian White, when pursuing this secret, ended up injuring herself and her brother.

A secret is something special. To know a secret is a priviledge with no equal. To keep a secret is a burden one will carry for one’s lifetime.

However, Maria Flemming and Adrian White were not the only one with secret.

Let us move to one specific day. To the 23rd of June in the household of Richard and Viola White, when a secret was revealed to Lilian. A secret so simple it did not occur to Lilian to look into it.

The secret behind Viola’s White work and career.


is it weird that only after your saying it was possible lillian could get into godcard that i realized the significance of her name? (specifically her last name iirc)


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For a summer day, it was unusually cool. Clouds hanged low over the sky, blocking the harsh sunlight. Those that came to the beach to tan themselves would be disappointed, however, it was a general consensus that the cool weather was something welcomed.

Of course, to Lilian, the weather didn’t matter much.

She had spent that day much like her other days during summer break. Alone in her room, laying about lazily in bed. Sometimes she read a book. Surfed the net on her computer. Played online games when someone invited her to. Her general activities, varied as they were, stayed within the vicinity of her air conditioned bedroom.

It was around noon. If it was a Saturday, she would need to head to the local dojo; Her mother insisted that she learns one martial art for self defence. However, it was a Wednesday. As she didn’t feel like eating lunch, she didn’t budge from her bed, reading a novel she hadn’t read over several years.

Only after a while she noticed that something rang.

Lilian closed her novel and waited for it to ring again. It was the familiar ring of her housephone. Dad was out of town. Mom was out working again, so it fell to her to answer phone calls.

And the phone did ring again.

With a sigh, Lilian climbed down her bed and hurried downstairs to answer the call. The phone was located in the hallway. She took the receiver and pinned it with her shoulder as she moved the novel from her right hand to her left one.

…they had hung up.

Lilian put down the receiver. If it was important, they would call again anyway. Only after she put it down she noticed that there was single a recorder message. She played it.

“Lilian? This is Mom. There’s an emergency at work and I might get home late. Cook dinner for yourself and left some for me in the fridge. Don’t wait for me. Happy birthday, darling! I left you something on the dining table. Hope it’s to your liking!”

The message ended. Right. Today was her birthday.

Somehow, she didn’t feel too excited.

She rarely celebrate her birthday. Her last birthday party was when she was nine, and only with four of her friends.

Nevertheless, she went to the dining table to see what her mom gave her.

It was a large, black, glossy box. As she looked at it, she couldn’t help but thought that the box was pretty. When she grabbed the box, however, she discovered its peculiarity.

The box was surprisingly light. She almost stumbled away due to the unexpected lightness, her glasses falling of her ears. She adjusted the glasses back before anything else. She had needed glasses since she started high school due to her habit of reading overnight.

She lightly shook the box, but no sound could be heard. Lilian frowned. It couldn’t be that the box was empty, right? She opened the box.

A cardigan.

Lilian blinked her eyes in surprise. She never really show interest to clothes. She liked to be pretty, but she always put her comfort before appearance.

The cardigan, however, suited her taste nicely.

As she took the cardigan out of the box,a card fell down from the fold of the clothes. It looked like an identification card. Lilian half mindedly gave the card a skim, but what was written on it made her widened her eyes in surprise.

Vigilante Identification Card

Name: Viola White
Maiden Name: Viola Flemming
Code Name: Silent Rose
Territory: Division 3
Specialty: Infiltration/Information Gathering

What was it? Lilian reread the information on the card. There was no mistake. The phrase Vigilante Identification Card gleamed under the dim sunlight.

What does it mean? Her mom was a… vigilante?


Where’s adrian


Lilian doesn’t need an edgy mentally unhinged brother in her life


wait but can she have friends


Or can she become a vigilante?


No friends for the mentally unstable and socially awkward sister now.


literally all grandma’s fault
I explained this somewhere in a discord and Dama confirmed it – y’all got it too right


@Shurian @Boopydoop @Pug @Simon @MaximusPrime @Strangle @CheesyKnives @Wolfy @MtheJoker @Whammerist

No matter how she thought about it, it was clear that there was nothing she could do other than waiting for Mom to get home and gave an explanation. Questions swirled in her mind like a storm.

Is this a joke? If Mom really is a Vigilante, how could she never noticed? Does Father know about this? Father never complain of Mom’s odd leaves and business trips either. Is Father a Vigilante too?

As Lilian sat down and pondered upon this surprising piece of information, she drew out what she could from the situation.

What is a vigilante? Someone who suppress and punish criminal yet is not part of a legal law enforcement.

Mom was a civilian. She would fall to this category.

Yet something didn’t feel right.

Lilian inspected the identification card once more, scrutinising every part of it. It was the symbol on the top right corner that caught her attention.

A blue silhouette of a bird head, with laurel lead on its neck. The letters ‘UN’ were in white over it.

That was the symbol of Blue Helmets!

Why would the symbol of United Nations’ Peacekeeping army be on the vigilante card? Could it be that this vigilante program… is supported by the United Nation?

The notion was too foreign for her. United Nation’s stance against arming citizens was known wide and far. For them to support vigilantes?

It would be more likely for them to support drug abuse.

Lilian shook her head and put the card back into the box. There was too many things that she didn’t know. If she wants to know more, she can only look for it herself.

What should Lilian do?

  • Search Mom’s workroom
    (Mom always forbid me from enterring)
  • Search Father’s workroom
    (Could Father be a vigilante as well?)
  • Search the basement
    (Maybe there is a secret base…?)
  • Go to the living room and watch something
    (It can wait until Mom’s home)

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