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A String of Choices and Decisions [CYOA]


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Guys. No.


”Then explain why not?”


No. Not this time.

Lilian ran past through Adrian to the door and slammed it closed. Her hand quickly turned the key at its hole. Adrian was startled by her action, but when he finally realised what she jad done, it was too late. Lilian held the key in her right hand.

“I’m not opening the door until you tell the truth,” she said determinedly. What happened last night was real. Adrian lied and she knew it. The twins rarely fight, mostly due to Lilian often giving up for Adrian’s sake, but this time, she was obstinate.

“Tell me. What was that monster last night?”

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Tension was high.

On one hand, Adrian, being the stubborn child he was, closed his mouth shut, determined not to let out even a squeak about the secret he hid. On the other hand, Lilian was unyielding. What had happened last night left a deep impact on her. She was desperate to know.

Suddenly, Adrian leapt forward, aiming for the key in Lilian’s hand. Lilian was ready. She raised her right hand, holding the key, high up in the air and pushed Adrian away. However, as a boy, Adrian’s strength overpowered that of Lilian. He pushed her down to the floor, trying to pry the key away from her hand.

“Give it to me!” Lilian clenched her fist around the key. She was physically weaker, but she was more ferocious in fighting. She dug her nails into Adrian’s back.


Their shouts and fighting, of course, was heard by their parents and grandmother downstairs. They came up running, banging on the door demanding them to open it.

Of course they couldn’t; The object of their fighting was exactly the key to the room. At the end, Richard (their father, if you don’t remember him) Took the master key from the master bedroom and unlocked the door.

When Viola and Richard seperated their children, the twins were a mess. Adrian was crying freely. His arms and legs were bleeding from scratches. Even his back was bleeding, from where Lilian dug her nail into his skin.

Lilian was not better off. Her eyes were red, both from crying and from where Adrian poked her eyes. Her hair was a big mess, with several of the strands missing. Adrian had pulled them out.

Both Richard and Viola were unclear on what had initiated the fight. Lilian repeatedly accused Adrian of hiding something. Adrian violently denied her accusation. Lilian’s story of late night monster didn’t help. At the end, Grandma gently calmed them down, and took them to the kitchen, where the first aid kit was.

The twins, after their wound was treated, were both grounded for a month. No television. No staying up over 8pm. No pocket money. Although in front of their parents they had shook hands and forgive each other, an undeniable gap appeared between them.

Adrian sneaked out in the middle of the night with increasing frequency. His scores at school plummeted. He barely managed to graduate from Elementary school because of it. Viola wanted to send him to a boarding school, but Grandma, and Adrian, was vehemently against it. At the end, Adrian moved in with Grandma, who enrolled him at a public school near her house.

The relation between Viola and Grandma became strained ever since.

Lilian became more detached and secluded. Though her scores were brilliant, her bordering antisocial behaviour worried her teachers. The White couple, worried of her growth, decided to sent her to a private school where they were acquitted with the councelor, in hope that her emotional state wouldn’t be detrimental to her growth in the future.

Maybe things would end differently if the siblings weren’t torn apart, but there was no benefit of lamenting on what might be.

Every choice that you have made, every place where you have stayed
They will reflect upon the past, and affect the future without being asked

We are leaving Lilian’s childhood, where she was a girl susceptible to change and influence. It is one’s younghood that temper one character in the future, and Lilian’s path is set in stone.

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better for us to skeet out of there then
I stand by my choice


The next choice will affect Lilian for the rest of the story so it’s maybe a bit important please take care