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A String of Choices and Decisions [CYOA]


Nah I think it’s a murderer and we are gonna die GG no re.


“All right, all right. Let’s check it out, then.” Adrian nodded energetically.

“I’ll get my flashlight and we can go down together! Just like in the movie!”

He jumped off the bed and started to rummage through his drawers. It was messy; Lilian could see crumpled papers and candy bars among other things.

“Found it!” A small flashlight was now in Adrian’s hand.

“We can just turn on the lamp…” Lilian reminded him. Adrian shook his head.

“No way! It won’t be an adventure that way,” he marched to the door and swung it open. Standing proudly in his blue pyjamas, Adrian called Lilian to follow him.

Shaking her head, Lilian pulled off the blanket over her and walked after Adrian.

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Adrian turned on his flashlight and began to descended the stair with Lilian in tow. The hallway was dark; The closed curtains blocked the dim light of the moon. As they walked down the stair, they heard some noises.

Lilian could see Adrian’s shoulder stiffened as he stopped. She squeezed Adrian’s hand and gently pushed him forward. Adrian held her hand tight and continued to move.

The noise seemed to come from the living room. From the hallway, they could faintly see the dim glow of something. They started to walk slower, but they still went closer, closer, until they could see-

The television was on.

Lilian sighed out of relief.

“It’s just the TV. Maybe Mom watched something and forgot to turn it off.” Lilian grabbed the flashlight from Adrian and shone it toward the couch. Right, the remote was there. She turned off the TV. Adrian looked relieved as well.

“Whew. To be honest, I was a bit scared back then. Let’s-”

They heard a scream.

The twins reflexedly hugged each other as their eyes widened in fear. What was that?

  • Run upstairs to their room and hide!
  • Run to Mom’s room!
  • Hide in the stair’s closet!
  • A-approach the source of the sound?

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There’s only one option


No thank you I will keep my life.


alright boys and girls, lets be horror movie protagonists


Everyone wants to die good job.


we could compromise by going in the stairs?
still be around for the sound, but out of the way in case killer


I dont remember inning this


Sorry! I think I mistook you for someone else when I tag them

You can still vote here since this is open for everyone if you want :stuck_out_tongue:


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“Ummm… Dama?”
When Dama sees this message.
“B-Baka! Its not like I wanting your attention! B-b…”



Adrian started to run upstairs, but Lily pulledhis arm and pushed him into the stair closet instead.

What if the scary thing was upstairs? It was like that in the movie! A scream, they ran, and then when they thought it is safe…

(Sorry for the slow update I have Semester Assessment)


@Shurian @Boopydoop @Pug @Simon @MaximusPrime @Strangle @CheesyKnives @Wolfy @MtheJoker

A door swung open. From the way it creaked, Lilian knew it was the door to the basement. The basement was new; Dad had built it along with the second floor, but she still didn’t like it.

Heavy footsteps.

Lilian held her tears. She clutched tightly to Adrian, who, although pale-faced, still put himself in front of Lilian. The footsteps stopped. It was dead quiet. For a moment, all they heard was slow, deliberate breathing of… something in the living room. The twins didn’t even dare to breath, afraid of being found out.

The footsteps started again.

Step. Step. Step. The basement door creaked again… before it close with a click.

Every second felt like an hour. After a few moment, Lilian put her mouth close to Adrian’s ear and whispered,

“Is it safe?”

Adrian slowly reached for the door, and slowly pushed it open. The cabinet opened noiselessly, to the twins relieve. Adrian peeked his head out. Silence. Adrian walked out, tension went out of his body. Lilian followed, smiling nervously.

“There’s nothing, right?” Adrian smiled back, looking very relieved.

“Yeah. Let’s go back to-” Then he froze. Lilian felt a chill running up her spine. Adrian was staring at something behind her. She started to turn…

“Don’t look!” Adrian pushed Lilian into the closet. All she got was a glimpse of black… something, grinning. It reminded her of Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Adrian slammed the door close behind him.

Something growled. Scratched at the door. Banged heavily at it. Lilian cowered in a corner and covered her ears. Adrian tugged the door with all of his weight, refusing to let whatever outside to open it.

Something crash from above. Lilian screamed. She didn’t dare to look up. She didn’t want to be there. She could feel something getting closer to her, measuring every part of her body.

“Lily!” Adrian screamed her name, but it sounded faint.

Then there was a light. As Lilian drifted to sleep, she seemed to saw the image of Adrian, holding a… sword? Her consciousness drifted away before she could be certain.

The clock alarm rang. Lilian blinked her eyes open. She was in bed. But it didn’t feel like hers. She felt a breath of warm air down her neck, turning to her left, only to find herself face to face with Adrian.

…was it all a dream? She couldn’t tell.

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Its back (:O)


/ask adrian about this dream


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For a while, Lilian only stared at Adrian. Saliva was trickling down his lips, creating a crust of something disgusting. Then he woke up.

“Oh, morning, Lily,” he rubbed his eyes, still drowsy. “How did you sleep?”

She stayed silence. Adrian acted as if nothing was wrong, wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his pyjamas, before stretching his arms.

“Do you remember what happened last night?” She finally asked.

“What happened last night?” Adrian asked back, changing from his pyjama into a pair of shirt.

“The monster. Last night, when we hid under the stairs. You have this sword and-”

“Really? I think you had a dream, Lily,” he opened his closet and started to change his pants behind the closet’s door.

“But it felt real,” she insisted. “you should remember it too, Adrian.”

“I don’t remember anything.” He answer curtly, pouting his mouth.

“Come on, Grandma came over some time last night and she will be cooking for breakfast,” he said as he walked briskly toward the door.

Adrian was hiding something. She could feel it. But… how should she ask him?

  • Corner him here in the bedroom
  • Ask it to him over breakfast with Grandma around
  • Confront him during the outing with Grandma
  • Stay silent

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This will go horribly


Oh god I regret thinking about something that my choice could do and now I am scarred for life