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A String of Choices and Decisions [CYOA]




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The box was beautiful. It emitted a lustre of mystery and veiled charm, like an ethereal object from another world.

Not that that was what Lilian thought. She thought the box was pretty. Mom was also the one to carried it in.


Lilian crawled toward the box, eyes gleaming with curiosity and interest. Her rattle was long forgotten. Slow and steadily, the little girl left the toy behind, for something more shiny and interesting. It wasn’t until the table where the box sat was right in front of her head a problem occured in her mind.

She couldn’t reach the box.

The three legged table was not particularly tall. As a matter of fact, it was only slightly taller than a stool. However, for the baby who could only move on four limbs, it was impossible for her to reach it.

…or perhaps it wasn’t?

Either way, what should Lilian do?

  • Stand up and grab the box! Lilian can do it!
  • Maybe we can ask for Grandma to give it to us.
  • The brooch is easier to reach. It’s shiny and nearer to the floor.
  • Let’s just play with Adrian and Grandma.

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Obvious stand up, impress grandma, make your brother hate you, and get the box. EZPZ GG

Oh, and betray your family and take over the world later


Or you try and fail horribly, embarrassing yourself. Hmmmm


(shes gonna fail, i can feel it in my bones)


Here is what gonna happen: she tries to reach it, falls, dies, game ends


Take the shiny


Take the shiny!


@Shurian @NuclearBurrito @Boopydoop @Pug @Simon @MaximusPrime @Strangle @CheesyKnives @Wolfy @MtheJoker

Adrian could stand already. Why couldn’t she? Determined not to lose to her brother, Lilian stubbornly tried to reach for the box.


Lilian crawled closer to the table. Standing on her knee, she stretched her hands upward, trying to reach the box. The tip of her fingers barely touched the tip of the table. Determined, Lilian leaned against the table leg as a support, slowly pulling herself up. Her hands were tightly gripping the leg.

Her legs shook as she moved to a standing position. She did it! Grandma was busy with Adrian, murmuring something to his ears. Lilian didn’t pay attention to them. Once she stabilised herself on her two feet, she slowly released her hold on the table, and grabbed the box from the table.

It was a bit heavy.

She pulled, and pulled, and… The box slid off the table. The force shook Lilian unbalanced, and she fell with a thud on the cushioned surface. The lid of the box fell off, and inside was… A costume? It was a blue tightly fitting latex suit, with no decoration on it whatsoever. Lilian put it down with no interest. She picked up the firdt glittering thing she saw inside the box. A card. The card had words written on it and a picture of Mom in a weird suit. Not really interesting for the toddler. Maybe if she could find something more shiny-

“No, no, darling, Lily Pie. Those are not toys,” Viola exclaimed as she entered through the door, only to be greeted by the sight of the box sitting in front of Lilian. Viola swiftly tidied up the box and put Lilian next to Adrian. Seeing the box, Grandma raised an eyebrow.

“Is that what I think it is?” Viola groaned.

“Mom, we talked about this.”

“I know, child. But if you-”

“No, Mom. I’m quite adamant at this.”

The two adults started to chatter. Something not very interesting for baby Lilian. She turned her attention to Adrian, letting off a peal of laughter. She had sated her curiosity. Adrian, on the other hand, seemed to be staring at his own hands, as if he had seen them for the first time before.

The day, like any other day during Lilian’s early years, was quite uneventful.

Or so she would be told years after.

(Next update with choices tomorrow)


I pre-chose 7


@Shurian @Lymphoma @Boopydoop @Pug @Simon @MaximusPrime @Strangle @CheesyKnives @Wolfy @MtheJoker

Several years had passed since that uneventful day. The twins, now in the first grade of elementary school, had grown as well. Lilian had bright green eyes, sporting black hair that was cut short right at shoulder height. Adrian, on the other hand, captivated those around him with his deep chocolate brown eyes and a messy mop of black hair.

Adrian was energetic. An outgoing boy who was loud and cheerful, and often in trouble because of his mischief and curiosity. It was unknown whether it was simply her nature or if it was caused by Adrian’s overbearing personality, but Lilian contrasted Adrian.

She was a quiet and reserved girl. Shy, and found it hard to open herself to stranger. If Adrian caused trouble wherever he went, Lilian followed the rules obediently without questions. A good girl, her teacher commented, but a bit more confidence in herself wouldn’t hurt.

It was a night in Summer. The house had been renovated recently, and the twins got their own seperated rooms on the newly built second floor. Lilian couldn’t sleep. It was partly her fault, actually. Despite knowing she wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly afterward, she followed Aiden to one of his friend’s house to watch a horror movie.

When she closed her eyes, all she could see was the ghost, creeping out of the shadows, ready to devour her. She opened her eyes as she imagined the ghost bloodshot eyes, staring right into her soul. Of course, there was no ghost when she opened her eyes, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Lilian jumped off her bed. She didn’t want to sleep alone. The door to her room opened without a sound. She stood in the hallway, trying to decide on what to do.

Dad was busy, she remembered. He hadn’t joined dinner and instead locked himself in his work room. She was pretty disappointed. Dad always had a good story to tell at dinner.

Maybe she could go to Mom’s room downstairs… But Mom said she would be working tonight and not to disturb her.

What should Lilian do?

  • Check Mom’s Workroom downstairs. She needs Mom.
  • Go to Adrian’s Room. She can sleep with Adrian instead.
  • Go back to her own room. She could try to sleep it off.

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Let’s learn more about Adrian


Mom tho


Just clarifying only I know of what choices follow.

Marl only get to know the general premise :stuck_out_tongue:


are we going to be getting any choices that lead to death?


Later on

Or early if you are unlucky


@Shurian @Lymphoma @Boopydoop @Pug @Simon @MaximusPrime @Strangle @CheesyKnives @Wolfy @MtheJoker

As she stood alone, pondering in the dark, the choice soon became clear to her as she considered several points.

Adrian was, if not fearless, braver than her. He was the one who suggested that they watched the horror movie, after all. When they were watching, while Lilian shutted her eyes tightly whenever the ghost popped up on the screen, Adrian laughed, and cheered with his friends. That was the first point.

The staircase was dark. That was the second point.

Adrian’s room was right in front of Lilian’s room, seperated by a hallway that leads downstairs. Yes, that would be the less scary option. And Adrian would surely protect her. She ran acrossed the hallway, avoiding the darkness of the hallway, and toward Adrian’s room.

Without knocking, Lilian swung open the door in front of her. Then someone screamed.

“Go away I’m not tasty!”

Hiding under several layers of blanket was Adrian. The light to his room was on, as well as the night lamp beside his bed.

“Adrian?” Lilian hesitantly called.

Hearing the familiar voice, Adrian sticked his neck out of the blanket layers. The blankets looked like an oversized robe on him.

“Lily! Thank goodness it’s you. What are you doing here?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“Really?” Adrian looked elated, "you can sleep with me! The bed is big enough for the two of us. Whew, it’s hot in here. "

Adrian threw the blankets he ‘wore’ to the end of his bed and scooted over to the right. The bed was huge; A queen sized mattress with a fitting bed frame. Two children would have no problem sleeping together on it. Lilian climbed up the bed quietly and laid down next to Adrian. Adrian pulled one of the larger blankets and the twins now laid down snugly, huddled together under one blanket.

“First one to wake up to wake up the other?” Lilian nodded to his request. It was an unspeakable agreement between them not to mention the ghost; That wouldn’t make anything better. They decided to put it at that, and soon, facing each other, they drifted off to sleep.

“…-ke up.”

Lilian turned over and huddled the blanket closer to her body. She didn’t want to wake up yet.

“Lily, wake up!”

No. She pressed the pillow against her ear, pretending not to hear a word.

“Lily, I’m serious! I think there’s something downstair!”

Perhaps it was the tone of the voice, but Lilian sat down on the bed, looking very drowsy and annoyed. Adrian was next to her, looking very worried.

“What is it?” She asked, drowsily.

“I don’t know, but it was strange noises, then it sounds like something heavy hitting on something. Like when Dad dropped the crate from the rooftop.”

Lilian strained her ears to listen to the sound. The night was quiet. She shook her head.

“I don’t hear anything. Maybe it’s a dream.”

“I’m sure I heard it! It was like a dream, but it went on for a while even after I woke up to hear it,” Adrian rebuted stubbornly.

That was a strange explanation.

She was sleepy. And the bed couldn’t look more inviting.

What should Lilian do?

  • Go back to sleep
  • Tell Adrian to go back to sleep and sleep
  • Hug Adrian and force him to stop talking and sleep
  • Tell Adrian to just check it out himself if he wants to and sleep
  • Humour Adrian and check it out with him

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As nah I’m afraid it’s ab00se we gotta check this out