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A String of Choices and Decisions [CYOA]




I choose a poor girl that has blue hair. 2 black eyes, yellow skin and a really bad overbite…

oh wait. fuck. I made Marge Simpson

Left handed


if anyone of you vote right handed, we are lynching you d2 Kappa


changing mine to left handed.

Because Marge is left handed.
(sometimes she right handed)


I’ll change my vote to match anyone’s who goes for mutation


@Shurian @NuclearBurrito @Boopydoop @Pug @Simon @MaximusPrime @Strangle @CheesyKnives @Wolfy

Though you wouldn’t remember this event, that night was the first coming of yourself into the world, ready to face adventure, as a child who was born into a middle class, happy couple.

Hm? And who are you? Are you the boy, or the girl? Yes, you. The one with black hair and green eyes. You! The left-handed one.

Ah, the girl. I see. The younger one of the twins. Your brother will tease you a lot for being younger in the future. Before we continue, what is your name?

  • Gladys
  • Helena
  • Lillian
  • Other (Specify below)

0 voters

Ah, and your older brother. What is his name?

  • Adrian
  • Paris
  • Percival
  • Other (Specify below)

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Aiden, minus the r


I choose the name as Goddess.


Adian? :thinking:


shoosh i had just woken up


Brother name:



Name: Celica



@Shurian @NuclearBurrito @Boopydoop @Pug @Simon @MaximusPrime @Strangle @CheesyKnives @Wolfy @MtheJoker

…I see. Lilian, is your name, and Adrian is your brother. You might be wondering who am I, but everything will be known with time.

Let us fade back from this world, back into yours, Lillian.


(ive been here for 10 mins just seeing that typing youre giving me anxiety xd)


On the 23rd of June, Viola White gave birth to a twin, Lilian and Adrian White. The event was soon registered by the hospital and their birth certificate was printed. Seven days after their birth, Richard White took his wife and his children home.

The White lived in a modest house, with their own frontyard and a tidy garden at the back, and spacious rooms where they lived in. The house was located on Agripa Street, number six, in a small town called Callinety, in the state of Illinois.

No events of note happened within the early years of the twins life. They were showered with love by the young and awkward couple, who, like any other new parents, was nervous whether they had done it right.

On a particularly warm day,

The twins were contently playing in their playroom. Adrian, who had managed to stand a few days earlier, attracting shout of joys from his mother, was sitting in front of a colourful cube, trying to put several three dimensional structure into the holes on the cube.

On the other hand, Lilian was bored. Her interest in the rattle toy on her hand had long dissipated. As she was trying to look for other objects that sparked her interest, her mother walked through the hallway, just outside of the opened door. Murmuring some indistinct words, Lilian managed to catch Viola’s interest.

"What is it, Lily Pie? Are you hungry? " Viola was holding a black box in one hand. Its shiny surface piqued her interest. She stretched her arms at the box, showing her intention. Viola let out a laughter.

“Sorry, Sweety. This box is for work. Mom can’t let you play with it, but after Mom put this in a safe place, maybe Mom can-”

"Where is my grandchildren? " A voice interrupted the interaction between mother and daughter. Viola turned her attention to the door, and exclaimed in surprise.

“Mom! I didn’t hear you coming in.”

“Richard let me in. So I heard that Adrian can walk already?” Grandma was a plump figure. A golden brooch dangled from her coat. This also piqued Lilian’s interest.

“Yes, but-” again, Viola was interrupted. The front door rang. She was going to leave it to Richard, but Grandma cut her short.

“You should open it. Richard was heading to the bathroom after he let me in.”

Viola pursed her lips in annoyance and stood up. She put her box on a small table in the room before leaving. Grandma smiled victoriously as Viola left.

“Finally, some time alone with my sweethearts! Whew, it’s hot in here. Now, come here, little Adrian,” she took off her coat and hanged it on a chair, before starting to shower Adrian with her attention. Lilian felt ignored.

And she was still bored. But there was some interesting things around.
Maybe she could get them? What should Lilian do?

  • Play with the rattle again. Mom said she won’t be long.
  • Take a peek at the box. Mom said it’s important, but a peek wouldn’t hurt.
  • Give Grandma’s brooch a look. It’s shiny! It can also be expensive.
  • Approach Grandma and Adrian. She wants to play too.

0 voters


No one took the rebellious “look at the box” route?
I’m disappointed :frowning:

Wait it’s only been 9 min
In still disappointed


This reminds me of Pandora’s box.


Actually it’s a jar


That’s true, I don’t deny that, but modern day legends have turned the jar into a box.