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A String of Choices and Decisions [CYOA]


Every choice that you have made, every places where you have stayed
They will reflect upon your past, affect your future without being asked
A string of choices and decisions, will control your whole vision
Vision of the world and of fate, where your story will circulate

This Choose Your Own Adventure is brought to you by yours truly and @Marluxion ! Everyone, anyone, can influence the story soon to be foretold on this thread by voting on several choices that will be provided.

Several ground rules:

  1. Follow the forum and community rules
  2. Voting, discussions, influencing others, and will all happen on this thread.
  3. Have fun!
  4. Don’t make me or Marl add more rules here.




On the 23rd of June, Viola White gave birth to a twin, Lilian and Adrian White. The event was soon registered by the hospital and their birth certificate was printed. Seven days after their birth, Richard White took his wife and his children home.

Uneventful Day as a Two Years Old

On the 12th of June, Grandma decided to visit. She ignored Lilian and played with Adrian. Bored, Lilian decided to rummage through Mom’s box. There was a weird suit and a plastic card inside. Mom took the box away before she could look through it more carefully.

The End of Eight Years Old Relationship

On a hot night in Summer, Lilian and Adrian were attacked by a monster in the living room. When they woke up in the morning at Adrian’s room, Adrian denied the attack had even happened. Lilian tried to force him to answer. The twins fought. The distrust between them cracked their relationship.

Influence of Stress on Behaviour

Adrian became rebellious and violent. His scores plummeted. He moved in with Grandma after he refused to enter a boarding school.

Lilian became more secluded, pushing away her peers. Her scores were brilliant, but her emotional state worried her parents deeply.

Grandma’s (Maria Flemming) overly linient attitude toward Adrian strained her relationship with Richard and Viola White. Though Adrian returned home every school holiday, Viola never talk with her mother since then.


I choose death.


No u


It was dark. You could vividly feel someone nearby, but otherwise, you couldn’t see anything. It was comfortable, but you were bored. You wanted to get out! You kicked and kicked with all of your might. Then, you suddenly saw… light. It was no longer comfortable. After the darkness you were in, the light was too much. You started to cry.

“The second one’s coming!” Soon, another cry accompanied yours.

“Congratulations, you have a healthy son and daughter!” A woman chimed in happily.

Though you wouldn’t remember this event, that night was the first coming of yourself into the world, ready to face adventure, as a child who was born into a (1) and happy couple.

Hm? And who are you? Are you the boy, or the girl? Yes, you. The one with (2) hair and (3) eyes. You! The (4) handed one.

Choice 1

Poor: Your parents have low income. This may vary from ‘the house is breaking down’ or ‘Santa doesn’t come every year’
Middle Class: Your parents have stable, average income. Nothing much to say.
Rich: Your parents have great luxury and wealth, which they often spoil you with.

Choice 1.5

A: The boy
B: The girl

Choice 2

Insert hair colour here

Choice 3

Insert eyes colour here

Choice 4

A: Left Handed
B: Right Handed


I choose rich girl! (Ill let others do the rest)


Never mind that its voting.


hard mode engaged

i vote poor, girl, left handed, with green eyes and black hair
how detrimental do you think this will be?


Where do you vote?


Here. Just type in your choice like Prime


I vote poor, girl, right-handed with brown eyes and black hair with a tint of red!


I vote the middle-class boy with green eyes and black hair :open_mouth:


I vote the middle-class boy with blonde hair, green eyes who is right handed


I vote the middle-class boy with black eyes and kind of brownish eyes and who is left handed.


middle class, girl, red hair that looks kinda blond in the spring, weird mutation between green and brown (as in both are green/brown, rather than 1 green and 1 brown), right handed


Rich girl for the win though!


I’ll concede rich girl if you go for the eyes. Deal?




I choose middle class girl with blonde hair, green eyes and she’s left handed


3 eyes lul