A small Sorcerer rework

Sorcerer :shield:
Neutral Killer

Mage Armor: Immune to death at night and bleeding. You will not die to Walking Bomb.
Magical Preparedness: You will place a Walking Bomb on yourself when a day starts.

Walking Bomb (inf use): Move a Walking Bomb from target player to another. Can have multiple Walking Bombs active. Usable day 1. Can target self. Cannot target King.
Mage Dust (1 use): Prevent the King from using his day abilities today.

Magic Missile (inf use): Attack someone. You will not attack targets that are death immune or guarded by the Knight.
Detonate (inf use): Kill all players with an active Walking Bomb. Bypasses death immunity.

Win condition: Kill all members of the main factions.

Servant, Invoker, Sellsword and Pretender get:
Bewilder (1 or 2 use): Prevent the King from using his day abilities today.


Honestly, this would actually work. It always summons one magic bomb that you can move off of yourself that you won’t die to. Just a question: Can you remove a bomb by placing it from someone to someone else?

You wouldn’t be able to place 2 bombs on the same person at the same time as that would be redundant if that’s what you’re asking.

finally a person who has a good rework/class

Tbh, I just made it to bring back Bewilder into the game.

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