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A series of ToL postulates


Offensive unseen can all just occupy/redirect those pesky protectors just the same.


Usually the CW claim survivality depends on swaps. If you have a proven swap, people will most likely let you go without the though of a Sage being in the game.


And usually people will let Hunter claims go regardless. That’s a difference you can’t ignore. I’m not saying that Poacher is stronger unequivocally, but it definitely has stronger aspects too.


Between proven CW and Hunter you can convince people easier that you are proven and shit, but I get the point


Poacher and sage can both get a prince killed. Poacher uses bleed + traps while sage uses firewall + assassinate


Requires a good assa tho


Or just asking him to cooperate


Figuring it on his own would save a day


indeed. PSA: Be a good assassin


What’s a PSA?


/w 6 bleed this guy would also work but slightly more suspicious


public service anouncement


Really I thought it was private service announcement

(This is a joke, but actually is there such a thing)