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A series of ToL postulates


Prince without exes, Noble, and Cult Leader claiming Noble.

Prince jails Cult Leader and Noble tries to gossip Cult Leader. When day begins everyone knows Prince is real because the Noble got an “your target was imprisoned” notification. Prince and Noble vote up Cult Leader, Prince pardons. Cult Leader gets executed only because the Noble is legit and twin-voted execute.


They are part of the minority that keep this from being ALL scum. Same with scum that are aware of this and adjusted their play accordingly.

Those scum will instead have no info, true or otherwise, since it is in Private notes. Take sheriff logs for example. You rarely have the Assassin call the MM NS in their logs. You instead have them “check” a bunch of non-Unseen players and have them all be NS.

Obviously this doesn’t imply when doing a fake accusation



his accusation seems good


Replace the Noble with a Possessor. That is the corresponding situation.

Alternatively if you insist it needs to look identical to a spectator you can have an aristocrat and assassin vs a real Noble. Obviously the Noble knows its fake but that is always true with a fake accusation and isn’t relevant.

The accusation can still be faked but only in a situation where it is pointless to do so


(TLDR. It is always extremely easy to come up with a situation if it is possible for there to be only Unseen/Cult)


I didn’t say that any accusation SHOULD be faked. Just that any accusation is POSSIBLE to fake


I was thinking more of how the evil faction always outs death immunes and non-convertables in their logs. It’s usually true and it’s usually dumb, since they do it even when it seems to help only BD and not their own team.

I’m not sure what you mean. It’s just an example of an end-game scenario that is 100% mechanically solvable, where the evil has no defense whatsoever.


Prince is possessor fake claiming and I am butler who occupied the noble

There ye go


Ah but only the accused and the accusers can actually be sure that they are in fact in the proposed situation. This is obviously true given that there is literally no one else in the situation.


That wouldn’t do it. Prince gives a unique message




Why did they change this


Hell if I know




Well anyways. The situation would need at least 6 people to even have a chance at qualifying. Preferably 7 to account for Cult games having more scum at once (and facelifts and disguises providing methods to fake Unseen and NK flips)


they made the situation impossible

I’m ashamed of them.


On the brightside, simplifying the game makes it easier for more players to learn all the mechanics leading to more interesting games


Sage is stronger than Poacher and arguably most common


This is debatable. Poachers can survive the day phase easier with a hunter claim than a lul CW claim. I think Sage is stronger with an outed Prince and without a Poacher is stronger to be honest.


Support Unseen (exception of Times) are all a ticket-to-kill-whoever-you-wanna