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A series of ToL postulates


What about you just make a guide on each class


Just count to 1 slowly


Even butler? Ugg


I mean



Hold up. I’m looking for a FM guide that was really helpful for this sort of thing


Everyone should read this. Amazing guide


“Wolves know that their “reads” are wrong and they are generally aware that if they were a villager, they would be reacting differently. They want to make sure that everyone is aware that they aren’t just making their “reads” at random and that there is actually logic behind them. Villagers know their thoughts are pure and don’t feel as much need to justify themselves.”


Even if it’s a good guide I doubt people know how to translate that to turbo :stuck_out_tongue:


TLDR: Accuse people as Scum (Just trying to hide until endgame is doomed to fail). Scum are the people that know if they are right or wrong and will act accordingly (you can catch those action). Scum have to react deliberately

For example abstaining on BD is sus because scum want them executed but don’t want to take credit, meanwhile BD straight up think he’s scum and exe or think he’s BD and pardon. (other way around can apply when abstaining on fellow scum. But not accusations of Neuts since there is no conflict of interest there)


Also the fact that Unseen/Cult can see the future sort of can be massively helpful (either for taking advantage of this fact or for noting others who might be)


Which is ironic because scum are easier to find if you POE through abstainees, scumreading through a majority is time consuming for its purpose


I have not read the rest of the thread so maybe someone posted something similar, but I disagree with these. Players should be conscious of how their logs will appear when making decisions, so this negates points 5 & 6. An even stronger disproof of point 6 is a Fool, or someone pretending to be a Fool, who posts the most ridiculous and obviously impossible logs.

Point 7 should not apply to the logs of dead scum unless there is reason to believe that the dead scum had a motive for revealing the truth to their enemies (unlikely). It may apply to the logs of living scum who are making a sincere effort to avoid getting executed.

Point 8 does not apply in all cases since many end-game scenarios are solved mechanically.


The fact that players are conscious of how their logs appear is the whole reason why the rule applies. They think something appears sus so they don’t include it. BD players aren’t thinking that and just put down what is true.

Fool should be discounted from all of these types of rules because his wincon leads to the exact opposite behavior.

It shouldn’t. But it does anyway for some reason

Those endgame solutions are still potentially fakeable. It just becomes increasingly pointless to do it. For example it can sometimes only be possible if you have majority at which point you wont bother. And some methods of faking end up outing you afterwards or give you away non-mechanically


Basically. Anything can be faked. But not EVERYTHING. So while any of 3 accusations could be false it is totally possible to guarantee that at least 1-2 is true (even if you can’t determine which ones)




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Okay I see, nice twist that I did not understand at first.

Okay, but that means Fools as well as evils pretending to be Fools are exceptions to this rule.

I agree, it’s quite confusing, as if it were so hard to use private notes to avoid sharing information with your enemies.

I would say there are actually some situations that are 100% mechanically solvable. If you disagree I can try to come up with one if you like.


Go for it