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A series of ToL postulates


All claims made only apply if the premise is known to all involved players

  1. The less likely a scum class is to spawn the more powerful it will be when it does so long as it’s existence is not self evident
  2. The more likely a non-guaranteed scum class is to spawn the greater the impact it’s existence will have The more likely a non-guarenteed BD class is to spawn the weaker BD will be when it doesn’t
  3. The stronger the counter to an effect is the stronger those weak to the effect will be. Even if the counter does nothing to help those weak to the effect directly (ex: Death immunity)
  4. The less counters an effect has the stronger classes that counter it are
  5. The more obviously BD an action is the more likely someone preforming it is scum
  6. The more unnecessarily suspicious someone’s logs are the more likely that they are telling the truth
  7. Any information in scum logs is more likely to be true than false even when hard to verify
  8. For any mechanical method of finding scum there is a method by which a BD gets lynched. Or any legitimate accusation has a corresponding false one which other BD can’t distinguish between (May or may not involve frames)


Number 5 I can verify, unseen are trying to make everyone smarter however the idiot BD is trying to stop them.


5 and 6 are because Unseen are trying to look like BD but the BD are trying to look like themselves and thus have nothing to hide.


Can you also do a guide on how to scumread in turbo, believe it or not it may raise win rates :thinking:


No cuz it’s hard to explain and I’m not good enough at it (one causes the other)


Didn’t you say you are very good at turbo games


Better than in FoL


Like. I can do it kinda. But it’s inconsistent and I can’t rely on it. I’m more consistent in some other games tho


okay let’s make a guide on how to actually play the game correctly and not make stupid mistakes.

Such as don’t jail and execute a princess claim just cause they claimed it


that should be obvious enough that those who do it can’t be bothered to read a guide telling them not to


I believe in you


See, you think that but.


But am I wrong?


wait I misread


You aren’t




Cuz people are DEFINITELY Dumb enough to do that


Okay nuke

Make a guide that could increase winrate


Which one?



how to…gimme a second