A Sad Tale of the Knight

This is kinda memey lore but I still think it would fit here. This is for Italy and his Knight memes.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was a Knight. The Knight, loyal to the Kingdom, had engaged in many great adventures. One notable example is when the Knight had saved the Princess from the big bad red dragon. Many had strived to become the living legend the Knight is, to become the symbol that invoked fear in the enemies of Adiart. Through years of training, a man masters the art of the sword and becomes one of honor. It was a very happy time for the Kingdom of Adiart. That is all before an unseen threat had purged the Kingdom.

While the Mastermind of the Unseen had set a foothold in the Kingdom, a new King was elected. “All hail King Italy!” the people cheered.

As the ones loyal to the Kingdom, known as the Blue Dragon, desperately hunted for the traitors. As the court searched for the traitors, King Italy wove his hand in a motion for the court to stop their chatter. The King turned, and stared at the Knight, his eyes drilling though his head. The King glared at the Knight for a solid minute, while the entire court watched in silence.

Pointing at the Knight, he screamed three words.

“knights don’t exist”

As the Knight watched the people of Adiart panic, as they chanted “Execute”. The Knight heard the fear of their voices; the Unseen was a danger that risked everything, one that threatened to dismantle the kingdom itself. The Knight looked at his fellow citizens with sorrow… he knew that the kingdom which was once so magnificent would soon fall apart. The great age of Adiart had come to an end. And with that, as Italy unsheathed his sword, he closed his eyes and drew his last breath.


and then he flipped asSA


Can never trust knight claims.


He was a Knight

No no, it must have been a scorned disguise.


We have an Appreciated french named Napoleon
idk how to feel