A.M.A.(ask marshal Anything)

Im bored Nerds.
give it to me.

or dont

are you single and or lgbt?

Single, yes…

Lgbt, no



i mean

take that how you will :wink: :wink:

Don’t you have a boyfreind?

shame on you kai smh.


i do
just gotta keep options open

another ama hm?

ok biggest guilty pleasure

kai’s preparing for the worst :eyes:

always gotta keep backups in case of breakup bc he leeches the life force out of his bfs

wendy’s double cheeseburgur and frosty

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i’m a succubus :kissing_heart:

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pretty sure they’re called an incubus if male

succubuses are all female

i feel called out

Are you a boomer

I am no boomer.

shut the fuck up BOOMER

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boomer spotted
luxy be livin on boomer island and trying to sneak his way into the secret gen z club


Ok boomer

What is your profession/what profession are you studying towards?