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A low quality mystic rework


mystic, bd social, unique
passive: occ and red immune

telepathy (2 use): do the telepathy

private matters (4 use): add a player to your conduit group

link (inf use): link someone, cannot target the same guy two nights in a row

conduit (2 use): conduit all people that you used private matters on tonight, you will be able to talk to each other

illusionist, unseen social, converted mystic
change mental blur into conduit, will keep his previous conduit group


0/10 garbage, mental blur is literally the BEST ability in the world


but actually this seems good


I have actually found a single use for Mental Blur. It’s to check if King is evil while you’re getting bussed.


Honestly best buff we can do is to remove the person’s logs as well and to prevent them from writing in the logs anymore. Some people say people will just keep another tab open and I have a solution to this. It closes all tabs and software on the person you target computer besides tol. But some people will say that then people will just write using a note pad.’I have another solution to this. Mental blur sets the person computer on fire and deletes system 32. This makes it balanced since it’s like 2 uses and it’s basically a 2 use kill.


There’s some slight problems with this. Say a person fire proofs their computer and/or basically hacks the tol game to prevent it from catching on fire. Another solution is to make mental blur ALSO find out the person’s location and do one of the following at random.

1.Hire a hitman to kill the person and send them towards that person’s house. As well as find out his family location and murder them as well.
2.Get a guy to basically put evidence of you murdering several people in your house and call the police on you. Them doing a great job they also disable any cameras you have and get rid of anything that can prove you are innocent (also people). You will then be convicted of murder and spend life time sentences in prison.
3.Get a guy exactly like you, hire him to hack into everything you know. Kidnap the target and basically somehow make them look a lot different then they were before. They then pose as you while you can’t do anything as you don’t look anything like you did before and everyone acts like they don’t know you.


I think that may be a little too far tho




what do you think of my proposed changes to mental blur


In class rn


I’ll give you a hint

one of them is serious


Just delete wolrd





Neat ability.
How do I use it?