A king,a ‘evil’king

This is just a meme story about one time I play as king,don’t be too serious please.

There was once a king.

The king has great heart and won’t kill anyone stupidly.He also belongs to the old faction Blue Dragon,which has great heart and not corrupt.

One day,the unseen and a killer
has come.They somehow get inside the court and want to destroy blue dragon so that they can rule the kingdom.

The king is afraid of unseen and the killer,so he decide to find them and vote in the court to execute them.But he was very peaceful and doesn’t want to kill any Blue Dragon.Since what he did,many of blue dragon screamed!

‘Butler poison!’
‘Don’t trust the king!’
Which king doesn’t understand why.

After nine nights,the court has only 3 man left.

One chronomancer,the king and the evil killer which can still exist somehow.

For some reason,they both vote king and decide to execute him.

The reason of why chronomancer votes at king is because.

‘Being peaceful is what evil king do,I’d rather have a killer to become king.’said chrono

And so,the blue dragon has fallen.


I think you got your facts wrong. This is a contradiction.