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90% of players loved the whisper meta


All we know is what we don’t want


Just make a king a claim taker, let him talk to people at night


and again. We are all at agreement that Allies is bad


So prince or mystic?


and you kinda ignored the second thing I said


Yeah, we need more of those roles if whispers are not a thing


We don’t and they are still a thing. Just not mass claim whispers


I really don’t get why, maybe people are not used to it yet


A good chunk of players already have played with allies. I seriously doubt that this is the case


there is no reason to whisper now, you better just claim publicly


Personally I think it’s because EK + Apostle + Aristocrat odds were making WKM scum sided. So when we removed WKM it made BD do better. And since NK wasn’t getting these benefits (just Unseen and Cult) that made it easier for him to deal with the other scum factions which made up for the additional danger from allies


And guess what that leads to? Scumreading. The proof is in the fact that BD classes that are disproportionately effective when paired with scum reading are doing better than classes who primarily work with mechanical leads


big oof


True on every level


We were wrong, Marl. We were wrong.
We were happy and didn’t knew it.


i mean it’s plain that allies is a filler solution
but still


Loves it, makes a class to counter it @shrimpy


I actually don’t care about it as long as it remains a viable strategy, I tried to retract my vote after I saw your other post but couldn’t


Just swap it :slight_smile: