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90% of players loved the whisper meta


people who play the Forum generally play ToL, me included. I’ve seen Max in a game before.

some people who watch the stream probably don’t even play the game, as they are just watching someone do it. why pay $10 for something when you can watch it for free?


as I said yesterday(yesterday got time snatched by confirmed Unseen Xblade)

if you like WKM, try this game, it’s filled with that stuff in ranked

Whisper King Meta Simulator 2018


You know. If boslof released the results of his polls then we would know the exact percentage for sure


While I accept that forum users are not representative, the disparity between your claim and data we have here is massive - large enough to strongly suggest your claim is wrong by at least 60%

there’s also the fact that not everyone will vote


the only people that voted to the fact they like WKM was Eran and Planterror(he wanted to be a rebel)

15/17 is 88%

so using this poll(as he did) then 88% of people don’t like Whisper King Meta.

if we count off Planterror’s vote, thats about 93% of people not liking whisper meta


@Superkran Your stats are gone from the forums! :open_mouth:


Just saying WKM isnt dead


There are few matches trying to revive it which i always protest against unless i am scum


people tried reviving Prince Meta.

it’ll take some time before everyone realizes that they’re only hurting themselves by king getting all claims.


Speeking of which. I can now say this because of @Superkran’s stats

Nope. BD winrate actually went up compared to the last time we had stats. NK did too, Unseen and Cult (mostly cult) went down

Yet adding more investigatives (Meaning more chances for each one to find something) actually LOWERS BD winrate. Instead classes that do better when using scumreading compared to mechanical results like Hunter and Drunk have a more positive influence


And why are they doing it? Because most casual players like it.


because most casual players think it helps them win. People have a tendency towards optimization even when it hurts their experience


Because of allies?


Then why would NK winrate go up? He would be disproportionately effected by it by percentage


What’s more rewarding

Being told someone is unseen

Scumreading them without the help of mechanics


So why allies is a thing


To make king more fun without WKM


Dev doesn’t always know what we want lol


Tbf we don’t even know what we want