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90% of players loved the whisper meta


Come on i doubt he even knows what mountainous is


I had a game last weekend where I check cult n1, got them exed, cl. Next day I scumread their cl and got him lynched. Smited n3 killed the last cult. D5 i scumread the sorc. I got all 4 scum without wkm


“Scumreading only gets BD exed”


Let’s see what people ACTUALY think

  • I love WKM
  • I hate WKM

0 voters


Seems pretty conclusive so far


sample not representative lel


not big soup rice


Needs 108 people to vote yes to prove the thread correct as of this post :thinking:


Not voting basically means you don’t care :slight_smile:


wait shit. 99.99% of players don’t care about WKM


Doesn’t matter, they aren’t against us removing it either


I’m a fucking rebel


I swear I am going to stab you if you are lying


I will also stab you if you are telling the truth


But if he’s telling the truth wouldn’t it mean the conclusion behind the title of this thread is correct? :thinking:


No, because he’s not 90% of people

In fact, it appears the thread should have been entitled ‘90% of players hate Whisper meta’


Jeez, what a party pooper. :frowning:


Calm down guys, It’s just a different opinion

shoots Planterror


The forum doesn’t represent all the players.


A stream doesn’t either yet you used that