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90% of players loved the whisper meta


Doesn’t mean you’re the best at playing said evil team though.
cough CITJR 2



Make there 2 cops which one is insane and one is normal.

However they aren’t informed of which one they are


Just play Dethy


I want to make complicated setups to screw people minds though :frowning:


Let’s add two doctors one who kills the person they try to heal one who heals.
They are uninformed.
Cop can’t be healed from the doctor that kills attack.


That’s called a CPR doctor. I think.


I think that heals if someone is attacked however if they aren’t attacked he kills em.






my purpose is to basically screw the minds of the people with roles.

Another idea:Vig who kills and one heals.

Let’s get more crazy ideas WAIT @NuclearBurrito make a thread


Dethy please


no no no I mean make a thread about adding two roles to a game which can screw the minds of people


Yes. Cop and insane cop


so make a thread?


We are talking in one already


also the game is built to allow a few mislynches, however BD don’t use those when they would get a lot higher winrate if they did


If people started executing D2 and every day using scumreading 10/10 game would be improved



WKM meta is boring.

The best games I’ve had is when a non-king player steps up to lead discussion.


I had some solo ideas that wouldn’t fit into an entire class so…

Sociable (Passive) - The person above you and the person under you are considered to be your neighbors. If they die, the closer alive player to them will be your new neighbors.
Gathering a Party (Night) - Your neighbors are forced to visit you this night. Infinite uses.

No, let them be (Passive) - Visits on you are guaranteed.

Silent Dard (Day) - Remove someone’s passives for this day and night. 1 use.
No, I beg you! (Day) - Remove the first (players alive/4 rounded down) votes from a player being accused after triggering this ability. The accusers will be able to vote another person, but not the original target. 1 use.