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90% of players loved the whisper meta


Well it’s more then 1 minute


Everyone isn’t active all the time though

So you need a good while


Also 1 minute to scumread also means only 1 minute to come up with the claims and posts being scumread in the first place making slips more common


And I think a minute at night to debrief everything and prepare yourself mentally for the next day


nah I just submitted a bug report over at Discourse Meta


actually the best FMs have a time limit of 300 hours :wink:


they usually have plenty of time remaining too


300 hours seems a while, but that’s only 12 days, and following the FM style

That’s 3 day cycles and 3 night cycles(if we’re assuming all the time is used, and no executions)


Also in ToL in particular scum reading is literally required because of the king


TLDR: Scum reading is real and is much easier to do when people are actually talking (as opposed to whispering)


You should join my next smalltown game


Oh boy, when’s it starting?


Not in the queue yet because time lmao

I’ll see if I can run one in late December/early January


Listen, bud, I’ve caught entire evil teams on the internet with text alone. Fully accurate reads over the internet definitely exist.


if you get across a culture where the BD actively talks and posts their reads then the game is far more fun for it, and people can find evils based on it.

For example, if people are actively trying to scumread they’re almost certainly BD. there’s no getting around that.


No meta is perfect. In fact, it has to be flawed at some point in order for the evils to win. if BD won 100% of the time how fun would that be?


Not what this conversation is about


Nuke imagine a 16 p game

1 cop
1 mafia goons
3 godfathers
9 uninformed millers
2 citizens

It’s basically a mind screw but it’s the same thing as 1 god fathers and 2 millers




Make it an insane cop