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90% of players loved the whisper meta


Alright it’s in my profile


Nuke is turbo mountainous balanced


It can be


From TOL streamers


Streamer viewers are biased.

Change my mind


Which ones?

Some people might not have even played the game, and are a sheep to the dad streamer


link plz


Link me


It’s beautiful

Wish quotes in your profile weren’t busted but eh what can you do




If it comes to statistics first thing you always should do is post from what source did you get it so people would know the case.
Otherwise the title seems like a clickbait.


Maybe try hyperlinking it?


Anyone who is claiming that scum reading can’t work needs to explain how Town finds so many scum without the use of investigatives in FM


What is FM?


Forum mafia


Forum Mafia

You should try it one day.

And suck at it immediately if you’re me


You have infinite time in forum mafia


With no ability’s whatsoever town is able to find mafia with far greater than random chance success


3 IRL days for day

1 IRL day for night

Not as infinite as you think


add some ability’s in to make up for the lack of time (and the existence of conversion) and scumreading is still viable to use