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90% of players loved the whisper meta


Trick is to recognize scum patterns and once a person does that pattern you bite and lynch them


Also Scum abstain more often than BD


Its not like anyone can see you and you might be nervous or something like in a mafia game


But you can tell emotions by what they type


Doesn’t stop FM from being 90% scum reads


This game isn’t mafia.

It’s basically turbo forum mafia.

If you are trying to read them like mafia then you aren’t going to get anything done lol


You guys are full of shit, those scum reading that unrelated to the game mechanic usually make bd just exe another bd


Oh really.

Then explain how scum are lynched in mountainous :thinking:


Cmon, let’s be nice here.

We’re trying to have a civil discussion


Actually turbo mountainous sounds fun now that I think about it


Basically look up forum mafia tips. A lot of thing applies to TOL


(It’s also turbo so you need to think more quick tho)




Also forgetting about scum reading for a second.

Games right now seem to have the following pattern right now.

Step 1: Someone open claims for whatever reason. Maybe they are D1 alch, maybe they are sheriff revealing faction, maybe they are scum faking a lead. It doesn’t really matter

Step 2: Other people use that information to inform their actions until someone finds something as a result. Discovers the sheriff was fake, finds a list of protectives on him, ect ect ect

Step 3: They out to share this information

Step 4: Go back to step 2


Based of few polls i’ve seen.
Maybe it’s not 90% of this forum.


That’s going on my profile boys


and where are you getting these polls?


Damn it you beat me to it


This discussion is getting good tbh


Remember. The polls were viewed by Boslof. AND the change was made anyways. AND there wasn’t any backlash (allies have backlash. Stopping WKM do not)