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90% of players loved the whisper meta


simple. Because BD do say something so the evils are the silent ones.


I mean if evils don’t say anything then you know they are probably evil.

Get people to talk lol


No because bd doesn’t want to claim to anyone now


You don’t have to claim to talk


claiming isn’t the only thing people ever say


You don’t even need claims to scumread


Those last changes just make everyone be quiet


You just need text tbh


Get people to talk and discuss. You will be amazed at what happens then


and if you did then you certainly aren’t getting it in WKM unless you are King


Then they better start talking or unseen train will soon start


BD needs talking


How the fuck can you find scum with text??

It’s a fucking text, you can write the same text if you’re a scum


More people talk now than before


I disliked the whisper meta personally. As scum and as bd




You can. But you usually wont


We do it in the forums lol


Usually scum try to talk without adding anything to chat

“Gj prince”


Prime examples


Actually people saying king are good, so I’m wrong there