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90% of players loved the whisper meta


or the noble


Don’t forgot that

Or the possessor


that too.


Unfortunately true


Throne of Allies is worse than Throne of Whispers change my mind


Throne of Whispers is a meta that ends up massively impacting every other aspect of the game. Throne of Allies is a specific ability with some bad interactions that doesn’t have that big of an impact outside of those interactions (ex: Allies doesn’t lock you into specific BD or Scum play even if it does lock you into specific Neut play for some classes)


What is FoL?


Forum of lies, basically TOL but on a forum with “few changes”


""""""few changes"""""" :^)


Ima assume the poster is a troll.
The whisper meta was a horrible meta as it was just a case “if there are 3 claims of a role one of them is bad” scenario even when there could be up to 3 of the same class. Is king allies completely random? no you use it to target suspicious people (besides n1). Allies is a better alternative as while yes king is now a investigative hybrid but now has to really try instead of being spoon feed all of the claims. This also promotes people to be more independent if the king so happened to be evil (or just a dumb gk) or a evil sided neut king. On a final note that 90% of people likes whisper meta i can say without statistics that is easily false


Sadly I don’t think they are a troller


Thread is gold anyway


im just bored tbh might as well have some bait


Thanks for the bump tho
I needed a laugh


It was 8 hours ago tho…


It appeared on the most recent posts


Roses are red
We have the data
90% of players loved the whisper king meta


can this thread become the new joke thread :^)


>become joke thread
>aready is


The whisper king meta was great.

it’s fun being unable to read 99% of the text in a game about socially talking