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90% of players loved the whisper meta


Did you think I was joking? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would you want something that is bad for the game to be a viable strategy?


Because I don’t think it’s bad for the game … It’s also easily countered by evils choosing unconventional claims, which I think is a point that most anti-WKMers seem to miss.


Okay but how does that not apply to normal claims lel


we really don’t. We were never complaining about it being strong. We were complaining about it being boring


Oh. Well I don’t find it boring and that’s why I want it to remain a viable strategy.


Literally it’s a throne of whispers only discussion is to the king and no discussion happens otherwise


WKM and similar whisper metas is why many people moved to FoL.

FoL is a much more competitively balanced ToL. At first I moved for its more variety in classes but I stayed because I liked the competitive style of play.

I still feel like making my own Mafia style game that is more competitive and based on scumreading.


You cant scumread when 90% of ingame talk is through whispering which is a main reason why I dislike whispers.


Personally I don’t dislike whispers in general. But I like them more as a means of following up on leads rather than getting them in the first place


Throne of Whispers is a problem though


why not just say it tho.

unless it’s a claim cc I dont see much other situations


I mean like pulling the thread. You notice something that seem suspicious and you whisper to get more information that can finalize the lynch.


It’s not that you can’t do that in the open. It’s just that it’s an acceptable use of whispers


Honestly I remember being hunter

Whispering a guy why he executed someone he thought was fool and he got really annoyed to me but then night came and I was Town reading him for his answers I was going to say sorry, but I think you are Town but he died and in his logs he said I was sus lol


ok that is cool but still.

players will abuse mechanics


whispers just sorta feel like game ruining information holders tbh.


Whispers in FM would be awful tbh


you’d have to make a shitton of private dms and moderate them at the same time.

class dms are already a massive burden.


oh dont forget announcing x whispered to y